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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Knit a Dress in your Favorite Team Colors

I came across this pattern in a a vintage 1960s issue of Todays Woman and instantly liked it !

Okay, I like both the picture as well as the dress.    I don't know what it was about the early 1960s, however a variety of these patterns were taken with ceramic or stuffed animals in a variety of poses.   It almost looks like to could be from American Threads, or Coats and Clarks ... they had some exotic animal spreads.   BUT ... regardless, the picture is fun enough to bring a smile (or two), and the dress is quite great as well.

Now, here is Southeast Louisiana, the colors would have to be Purple as the MC and Gold as the CC.  But, there's also Tigers at UMO, and Auburn and Clemson and I'm sure hundreds more at the High School level.   And, although the there's a tiger ... this dress could go pro as well ... Football, Basketball, Baseball  ...   Well, you've probably got the idea.

A knitting pattern - square neckline, short sleeves and those glorious stripes.   GO TEAM GO.   Or, as we would say here in Southeast Louisiana --- Geaux Tigers; and a dress to knit up before you geaux see them !

I've listed it in my shop, should you be interested.  

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Afghans to Knit Crochet, Coats Clarks Book 108

Coats and Clarks brought us - Afghans to Knit and Crochet, Book 108 in 1959.   Just as you would expect, for this time frame, the photos are black and white, except for the cover, and a fair number of those are not great quality.   But, if you look close, you'll find there are a couple classics and well as some other intriguing projects.   There are 13 patterns in all.  A couple Knitting, and of course Knit / Crochet combos, along with Crochet and Afghan Stitch and there's a little embroidery tossed in, and just to keep us on our toes, they added in a handwoven afghan.       So ... for your viewing pleasure ....

The front covers (back cover) gives us a color preview of three of the patterns. 

C-454 Palette Afghan - stitched with an afghan hook and multi-colored yarn - 49 x 65 inches.  I really like these multi-color yarn effects.  May the same afghan for every one in the family and they will all be different. Seems like it would be another great way to use up complimentary color scraps.  

B-129 Greek Key - Crocheted blocks, alternating between solid color and the Greek Key motif - 50 x 70.  The pattern calls for two colors.

B-130 Rosebud Ring - Crochet, Puff Stitch 4 1/2" motifs made up this 44 x 60 afghan.   This is a good example of a potentially nice afghan, but lousy selling photography by C&C. 

B-131 Mexicana - A Colorful Crocheted Afghan made up of 5 1/2 inch hexagonal motifs - 49 x 72.   This is another one using variegated yarns.    American Thread also did a Mexicana Afgan in the early 1940s, with no real similarities.

B-132 Chequerboard knitted afghan is Quaker stitch in triangles of solid color and again, variegated yarns - 47 x 64.  
B-133 Ship's Cable - Knitted bulky afghan, bold and elegant at the same time, is worked in strips and has lush fringe - 42 x 64.

B-134 Symphony - Crochet Afghan - 48 x 69.  Look close; this is an attractive piece, but I'd think that it's calling on little fingers (or even larger ones), pulls on, or slipping things through, those textural loops. 

B-135 Shepherd's Plaid - Woven Tapestry - 44 x 55.  This masculine piece is created by drawing a long tapestry needle through curtain scrim.

B-136 Henry Clay Wheel - Crochet Geometric afghan.  The design is based on an Early American quilt pattern - 41 x 61.  
B-137 Pompon Posy - Afghan Stitch with embroidery details and little pompons - 47 x 67.

B-138 Lattice Lace - Knit with Crochet; a lovely afghan with alternating strips of openwork lace and diamonds - 45 x 66 

B-139 - Cottage Garden - Created with an afghan hook and enhanced with a delightful embroidery motif - 51 - 65. 

B-140 - Sugan N Spice - Crochet afghan blanket of dainty pastel colors - 46 inches square.   Coats & Clark's have another afghan under this same name from 1952.   They bear no resemblance.

B-141 Carriage Trade -  A knitted cable for baby, perfectly sized for carriage or cribs - 32 x 42. 

Truth be told, with the exception of the Cottage Garden, which just isn't my style, I like all of them.   I find Ship's Cable close to perfect in a stately simplicity standpoint.   And, I find myself taking a second peak at Chequerboard; it's quite interesting.     I checked each pattern, and they done an above average job with this booklet getting all the charts and graphs included.

I've scanned the book,Afghans to Knit and Crochet, and a couple of the individual patterns to PDF format and put them in my shop.  (Individual patterns will have links under the picture).    Now that I've officially shared this one ... I can now move it from my pending review box and onto the Official Collection shelf.

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Crochet Bangle Hats, Anyone ?

Now, we all know, that in our deep down recesses, we love bangles.   There is just something about them that brings out that little girl in us.   Putting on bangles is just about the equivalent of wearing some fun.      I remember a friend, we must have been about 10, and she had a pair of gloves where the wrist section was loaded with bangles.   I wanted a pair soooooo bad.    And that come rushing back to me this morning when I picked up an old issue of a McCalls Knitting Magazine and this bi-fold pamphlet fell out ....

The Pez

The Pill Box 

A Wig Type Pill Box

A Beret (well, sort of)

A Pixie Cap

And, last but not least, The Loop Toque

So, when it comes to an accessory, can you honestly think of something more fun than these (or potentially others) bangle hats?  I can envision them ...  
  • Purple, Gold and Green for Mardi Gras
  • Red, Green and White for Christmas
  • Brown and Orange for Fall, 
  • Pastels Shades for the Easter hunt.   

I listed the pamphlet in my shop, if you are interested.    Either way, I hope the pictures brought a smile to your heart and some type of fond memory.

Edited 12/26:   I just discovered that The PEZ pattern (right down to the model) is also part of Bernat Book 165), although I've not yet located the relationship between Wallbeads and Bernat.     

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crocheted Scrubby Dish Cloth, Free Pattern

Here's one for all of the crochet enthusiasts who just love to do dishes.    But um, maybe there are not too many of those.    So, here's one for all the crochet enthusiasts who have to do dishes and would like to try out a new scrubby.      The pattern is vintage 1953 from the Workbasket.

Thanks for dropping by,

Knitting Knobby Patterns

Tucked away inside a nightgown pattern, I found a sheet large sheet (folded into a pamphlet) that contained several patterns designed for the Knitting Knobby.  

It seemed a shame to just toss it to the Recycle bin, so I'm posting the patterns here and perhaps, if you happen across a Knitting Knobby (or already use one and could use some extra patterns) you will be able to use them.   (As there was no date or copyright references, I feel comfortable that these are public domain)

Knitting Knobby Coaster

Knitting Knobby Applique Flower 

Knitting Knobby Leash / Collar

Knitting Knobby Lariat

Knitting Knobby Dish Mat

Knitting Knobby Belt

Knitting Knobby Beanie or Beret

To print any or all of these, click on the pattern to enlarge and then copy/paste it to a document on your computer.

Again, I hope this end up being useful to someone out there.  
Thanks for dropping by, 

Knit Crochet Pattern Sale, 40% off Black Friday Weekend

My shops' landlord are encouraging us shop owners to have offer Free Shipping over the 2011 Black Friday Weekend.   Starting on Thursday, Nov 24th and ending on Sunday, the 27th.  

I've been giving it some thought, and decided to participate in my Todays Treasure 2 - Knit Crochet Pattern Shop.   As the majority of patterns here are PDF file, they are already no shipping costs.   SO ..... I"m going to offer these patterns (already very low priced) at 40% off with a coupon code.   

So .... drumroll please.       If you'd like to purchase PDF patterns from Todays Treasure 2 ... this weekend, enter  Coupon Code:   2011BlackFridayWeekend
during checkout.    

So, if you've been wanting some of these patterns, it's a great time to stock up !!!

Have a great shopping weeked ( or just a great weekend giving thanks, with no shopping).
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

High Fashions, Knit Crochet Patterns, Columbia Minerva 760

I finally finished with Columbia Minerva Book 760 - This book is an absolute beauty.   It is loaded with more upscale (would you expect less of Columbia Minerva?) patterns.   A very nice selection of suits, dresses and jacket combinations and several evening wear.    Looking for something to slouch around the house ... well, the patterns here are definitely not what you are looking for.   But, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary special, continue on.   All of the patterns are knitted; most also involve some crochet.     Enjoy the show !

Columbia Minerva, High Fashions, Book 760, Vintage 1968 / The front and back cover are the same.

760-1 The Balmoral - A Two Piece Evening Dress.  The shell has a marvelous diamond pattern that is highlighted with beads.  Knit / Crochet

760-2 - Longchamps Cape Suit :  The cape with contrasting band all the way around is matched by the same band going down the side of the skirt.  Knit / Crochet
760-3 - Edwardian Coat :  The design is comfortable and the Frog Closures are delightful.  Knit / Crochet

760-4 - Jockey Club Suit : The jacket features the shaped collar and hemline, all highlighted with contrast buttons and trim.  Knit / Crochet
760-5 Bellman Jacket - This dress features the double breasted panel, and pocket flaps, based on the classic Bellman jacket.  Knit / Crochet.

760-6 & 7 - Palm Springs Suits - This combo pattern features the same suit; just the jacket has a long sleeve, or a short sleeve with extended shoulder variations.  Knitting pattern.

760-8 & 9 - Rue De la Paix Suit -  I'm not sure what you would call the from detail interest here, but it is nice .. complimented by with double breasted and the notched collar.   Knit / Crochet
Vendome Suit - The three quarter sleeved jacket has a touch of extra special going on with pocket and braid details.   Knit / Crochet

760-10 - Parisienne Suit - Eye catching pattern with looped collar and cuffs.   Knit / Crochet.
760-11 - Plaza Suit - This suit is a great example of sleek elegance. Knit / Crochet
Don't let the words suit fool you here; both of these are sleeveless dresses with matching jackets.

760-12 Elsinore Coat - Simple Loose Fitting Coat - Knitted
760-13 - Hyde Park Suit - This in the complete set; jacket, shell and skirt.   The shell and jack have small bands of contrast to tie them together. Knit / Crochet

760-14 - Champs Elysee Suit - An empire style dress with flaps and a jacket; all in contrasting color.  Knitted.
760-15 - Windsor Dress - A knitted shirtwaist - simply elegant for everyday wear.  Knitted

760-16 - La Regine Suit - This suit is a sleevless dress and light jacket, accentuated with pleated trim.  Knit / Crochet
760-17 - Ondine Dress - A cute dress, extended sleeves, with or without the grape motif.  Knit / Crochet

 760-18 - Trompe L'oeil Suit - Wide button band, evolving into collar with matching cuffs.  Wow.  Knitted.
760-19 - Sophisticate Suit - This dress and jacket outfit is both professional and feminine in appearance.  Knit / Crochet

760-20 Lucerne Dress - Long and elegant.  Those bands of color are bugle beads!  Knit / Crochet
760-21 - Diana Ball Gown - Long Simple Gown made special with the Gold Greek Key Design at the bottom, as well as ends of the Shawl.  Knitted.

760-22 - La Frencesca Dress - A long spaghetti strap dress that would be perfect for any formal event.  Knit / Crochet

760-23 - Renoir Suit - A simple straight dress topped with an elegant braid trimmed jacket - Don't you think this one yells holiday wear?  Knitted.
760-24 - Renaissance Suit - Another Dress and jacket combination.  This jacket is waist length, gently complimenting the dress and braided tie.  Knit

760-25 - Discotheque Dress - The all over fringe gives this two-piece combo the celebration look.   Knit / Crochet

And, of course, the back page is the same as the front.   If you are thinking that most of these have the Jackie O' look; well ya - remember the year of this book is 1968.   As usual, a number of the patterns are available in my shop, as noted by links under the pictures.   

These books become a labor of love putting out here ... the scans, the pictures, the text, etc. etc. etc.   But, I do think they are so fun to look at and share.   

Thanks for dropping by, 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Caterpillar Yarn Craft Project, Fuzzy Wuzzy

Meet Fuzzy Wuzzy -- a big yarn caterpillar.  He's created using Heavy Rug Yarn and some rick rack.     The size of Fuzzy Wuzzy is not indicated in the instructions, however, I'm guessing 12" or more.    This looks like it might be a fun project to work with your kids ...   From the instructions, I'm not sure it is secure enough to be considered a toy for younger children. 

Here's Fuzzy Wuzzy, and directions ....


This pattern comes from Star Book 207.  This booklet was part of American Thread's 'Make it with Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn back in the early 1970s .... Another picture of Fuzzy Wuzzy is shown on the front cover. 

(Note, this booklet was published without copyright in the early 1960s and is therefore in the public domain for sharing).
I'm transferring this project over from a blog I had at Artfire that has become obsolete (literally ... there software quit working).   I'll have to go and dig this book out, as it looks like I've never documented it for the shops, other than this project.   So ... Star Book 207 will be coming t this blog soon. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's Crochet, Star Pattern Book 209, American Thread

This book from American Thread Co., Star Book 209, along with a bit of whimsy, gives us some good how-to crochet lessons and a few quite desirable patterns ... all perfect for the beginner crocheter.   The stitches are primarily single and double crochet, with a bit of afghan and popcorn stitch tossed in.    This book contains no date information, however, I'd say late 1960s.   The cover starts us right off with a bit of whimsy ...
Mens Stripe Pullover:  The pattern is sized for men 38 to 52 and does not include those extra long arms ... just the boring, but perfect, standard sleeves.  

His and His:  This combo pattern includes both the V-Neck Pullover, as well as the Cardigan.  The title implies it's Father and Son, however, the size range is 38 to 52 ... which leaves out many boys, as well as teens, for that matter.  It is a nice duo for him and a fairly easy crochet.

Looks Hard, Crochets Easy:   A nice 5 colorful afghan made up of strips of single and double crochet, along with popcorn stitch.  It measures 50 x 64 inches. 

Beginners Potholders - Always a great 'learn-how' project to give you a sense of accomplishment as well as something that you'll be able to use.  This pattern is offered as a free download in my shop. 

Tiger-Tiger (on left):  An attractive tiger stripped sweater; sized small, medium and large.. 
Mini-Square (on right):  A Geometric, sleeveless mini dress; sized small to medium and
medium to large.   Here's a great pattern to date this book to the 1960s.    This mini will still
make a fun and whimsical tunic for today.  

Bangle Jacket:  The picture does not do this simple pattern justice.  a nice jacket in single stitch with a bangle strip down the sleeves and front bands.  Sized Small, Medium and Large.

Loop Stitch Slippers:  These slippers are so easy, they almost crochet themselves.  

Baby Baby:  A sweet layette set sized for little ones 6 to 12 months. 

Bangle Loop Triangle:  I'm not sure women still wear this style of scarf, but those bangles and simplicity are sure to make a younger girls' heart sing.  Should you like to give it a go, it's available as a FREE Download in the shop. 

And, the last cover is the same as the front.    I like the book.   Every pattern is on the easy side.  The man on the cover always brings a smile and I always picture the woman thinking 'woops, sleeves are a bit long'.   I also like the Tiger-Tiger sweater, but mine would have to be Purple and Gold for the LSU tiger fans.  

The book also includes several pages of the pattern stitches used in the book, which I've added to the "Crochet Pattern Stitches" page in one of my Facebook albums, should you like to give them a look.  

I've listed  the patterns separately, as noted with links under the pictures; two are available as free downloads.     Or, if you just stopped by to enjoy this whimsical book ..... 

Thanks for dropping by (and come again soon),