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Monday, November 14, 2011

Knitting Stitches, Practice Session from McCalls

Tucked away in a 1958 issue of McCalls Knitting, is a guide, a practice session you might say, to knit up several different stitches.   Here they have layed out the pattern and then give you example pictures to compare with.   It is, indeed, the perfect opportunity for the practice session.  Included are Ribbing, Seed, Double Seed, Stockinette, Cables, Plait, Gull, Honeycomb, Herringbone, Popcorn, Trinity, Eyelet, and Lace variations.   Quite a few.  And, since this magazine is in the public domain, I'm able to put display the pages here for your practice pleasure .....

To print, click to enlarge a page and then copy / paste to a word document on your hard drive.

Although I do not knit, I'll find the pictures handy in writing up descriptions on the future knitting patterns I might list in my shop.    Hopefully you'll be able to find it useful as well ..

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