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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Embroidery How To, Star Book 21, American Thread

I'm sure I have a couple different embroidery books in my pending box, but this is the first one I've pulled out to review.    This is 'The ABC of Embroidery'.   It is Star Book 221 from American Thread.   The booklet is undated, but based on the photograph styles, I'd say mid 1960s. 

 The front cover previews a couple of the patterns, or more importantly, the stitches) contained within the book.   The front and back cover are the same. 

The contents do not detail the patterns, but instead, the stitching.   And, that's what is significant about the book - the stitches.    This is a nice list of stitches.   Each stitch is shown in full detail, making them quite easy to follow and learn. 

A Crewel Project for an eyeglass case.  

Two projects to pillow tops.  These are embroidery worked in yarn. 

Projects for lattice stitched pillows

Several pages of diagrams and charts to create decorative borders and fill stitches. 

Project to embroider stitch on a tote bag. 

Project, with diagram, to stitch an Espallier picture. 

And, as far as the pictures go, that is it.    From a project standpoint, not really alot here if you are looking for start to finish projects.    But, if one is looking for a book with good instructions, with diagrams on how to create a large number of stitches to apply to freeform work, or perhaps transfers, this one would do a good job.    In fact, instead of putting this with the other reviewed books, I'm going to put it with my Padillies (Which I'll finish some day) ... I'm sure they could use some new stitches.  

I've scanned this book to PDF format.   It is available in my shop, should you be interested in a copy yourself.   
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