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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crochet a Petal Doily

This piece, called a Petal Doily, is just a bit different; the stitches are tight, not the typical lacy design, with each little petal and there's alot of them, separate and slightly standing.

Crocheted Round Petal Mat Pattern

Technically a doily, it looks more like a mat and has great potential.   The directions reference that it's made with Metallic Mercerized Thread (color of your choice), but I think it might also look great in one of the tri-color blends.     This pattern comes from the October 1963 issue of The Workbasket.   It's a public domain pattern; you may use and share any way you wish. 

 (To print, you'll have to click on the pattern to enlarge, copy to a document on your computer and then print)

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