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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mans Crochet Cardigan Pullover, Mail Order Patterns

I've said this a number of times, and I'm here saying it yet again.  Many of the mail order crochet (and knit) patterns are simple variations of each other.  You know, have a base pattern and make a slight change, and now you have another pattern to market.    Here's the most recent example; this one in the 'mans' category.

Design 901, Mans Crocheted Sweater:  Mans Raglan Sleeved Pullover with Color Band Stripes and raised rib type pattern stitch; size 36 to 42. 

Design 7140, Mans Cardigan:  Dito, dito, dito with the exception of the front button band, converting the attractive pullover into a mans cardigan.  

The pullover Design fell into the original Laura Wheeler series, and the cardigan in the Alice Brooks number series.  They are both, of course, the same company.   

Since there are two, I have no doubt there may be more.   I have several hundred more Design patterns to work my way through and will add to this post when/should I come across.  

Okay, that's all .... I'm back to work. 
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