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Friday, November 13, 2015

Womans Day Knitting Pattern Leaflet HH-46

Tucked away, in the September 1946 issue of Woman's Day Magazine  .....
September 1946 issue of Womans Day Magazine
....  is a three page spread across pages 39 - 44.   Here, the reader is shown a number of knitting patterns for the home.

Womans Day Leaflet HH-46 Magazine Pattern Offer
 Starting with three afghans ... all of relative standard fair, however, perfect knitting projects for the beginners among us. 

Mail Away Bedspread Knitting Patterns
 Standard fair ... as is the diagonal rug and the baby crib cover.   But there standard fair stops.   I've seen many knitting patterns, and as for the lap blanket and the four knitted doilies .... all quite unique design motifs.   I was thinking I'd never seen these before ... anywhere ... so I went out and did a few Google image searches and found nothing.  These two bedspreads. ... the same.  Now, the top bedspread is somewhat similar to a design called Evensong, but the same ... nope.  

Bedspread Mail Away Knitting Pattern
 And then, on the third page is this lovely knitted design ... a pinwheel bedspread.   Now, the pinwheel itself is not that unique, but this particular one, I didn't find in any search.

Typically the patterns that appeared in the magazines were sponsored by one of the advertisers and just who was alway obvious by the brand of thread or yarn called for.   In these designs, the threads are generic - no brands listed.

These patterns were the mail-away variety and not included in the magazine.  If the reader wanted them, they had to send a Self Addressed 3 cent stamped envelope and they were mailed back.   A teaser, you might say.

Should you be interested, I've listed several of these designs in my shop.

For just a little more fun, on the back page of the pattern set, was this promotion ....

How about those prices !!

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  1. The church on the cover of this magazine is one not far from me in Lunenburg Vermont.

    1. It's a beautiful church. Does it also happen to be close to the to one of the Coats & Clarks Mills?