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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Pansy Doily Pattern

I was just getting ready to add a new (vintage) Pansy Crochet Pattern to the shop, when I thought I'd better check to make sure it was not already there.  Periodically, the same pattern may have been published in different books by the same brand, or sometimes even, different brands.  
This Pansy Doily design has a flower motif within the doily which, interestingly enough, is not pansy shaped.  

This crochet doily design is billed as a luncheon mat, but a doily it is.   A quite nice pinwheel center, surrounded by an abundance of mesh and then, that charmingly colorful border. 

This Pansy Doily is Mail Order Design 303 from Homecrafters and features the doily motif in the center and finishes with a shell scalloped border.  It is worked in one solid color. 

This is another Mail Order Design, Anne Cabot 5055, and, in addition to the Pansy Doily, there's a Carnation design as well.   As are all the Design patterns, the picture is in black and white, but the pansy border is brightly colored. 

The New Pansy Doily, vintage 1960's has a pretty floral center and a scattering of implied flowers in mesh.   And, of course, the grand border of Pansies. 

This Pansy Doily is designed to be a bowl.   Starch it quite nicely and place it in the front entry for your what-nots.  

This Pansy Doily has a elongated diamond center motif.   It's officially billed as a ruffled doily, of which I'm not sure --- but, a grand design it is.  

The Diamond Pansy Crochet design is quite like the doily right above, with the colorful border and elongated diamonds.   But, look closely, and you'll notice the border that connects the border to the center is different. 

And this Pansy Doily was the one I started with.   And yes, it has a number of similar elements .... like the Pansy (lol), but definitely not the same as the others. 

All the pansy doilies currently in my shop seem to be coming from the 1950's and 1960's.   I have no doubt, however, that this colorful beauty has been around for many generations prior; in books that I've just not gotten to yet.  

If this is not enough Pansy design for your, here's a bit larger sample.  

Well, that's enough for today ... back to work. 
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