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Friday, January 30, 2015

National Needlecraft Crochet Afghan Pattern 116.5

I just thought I'd take a minute to share some National Needlecraft Bureau I just came across.    I was processing National Needlecraft Pattern No 116 for a Modern Block Crocheted Afghan .....

.... and found myself thinking .... I know this pattern.   A quick look at the shop showed that was absolutely correct ....

A quick double check, and yep ... Modern Block ... not just same picture, but same materials and directions as well.

But, what caught me by surprise was Pattern Number given by The National Needlecraft Bureau --- No 116.5.    A couple more looks and the answer because quite apparent.

Crocheted Fashions Pattern Book
 The pattern is from American Thread Book 116; the pattern appears on Page 5.

So, my thought here ... i.e., the trivia, is The National Needlecraft Bureau may not have assigned their own numbering system, but simple tied the pattern number to the originating publication.

Okay, so it's probably not trivia of great interest to most, but I'm becoming more and more fascinated by the relationships and systems among these vintage pattern publishers.  

Okay, back to work.
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