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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Smart Little Toppers - Crocheted Hats

Up next in my collection came a leaflet from Lily Mills, called Smart Little Toppers For Wear All Around the Clock that was issued as a promotion to their brand of Rug Yarn.   This is one of those fold out pamphlets that give us 6 patterns to choose from.  There are no markings to signify dates, however, my best guess is going to place these pattern into the late 1930s.   That is based on the language and some of the references.   Let me show you this delightful lot.

First, the leaflet is Lily L241, which I learned is associated with the release of the Lily Art 241 brand of yarn.
Hi-Flier Pillbox style hat, flat top and a cute ornament on the front.

Celebration Beanie Hat.  Did you notice the little folds on both sides of the pompoms ....kinda like ears. 

Red Wing is made in sections and folds up to a small bow tie at the top of the head. 

Springtime Hat : This little hat sits on the back of the head.  It has a spattering of  popcorns and a cute little tie on the top. 

Crocheted Cap and Bag Set has Round Sides that converge around a flat top with decorative ties in the back. There is a matching clutch bag.  Both have a nice zig-zag type stripe design.

Polka Dots - has a 'just right' spattering of the dots and a sweet flower type ruffle 
across the top.  

I think this little leaflet is designs out of the ordinary.   It's sad that these came from a time when the women (assuming most patterns were designed by women), were not given the acknowledgement of their original designs.  

I like every single one of these hats, but if I should have to choose just one, it would definitely the the popcorn.    You?   

I restored the leaflet into individual which are listed in the shop ... just follow the links below the pictures, should you be interested in making one for yourself.  

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.   Thanks for dropping by. 

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