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Friday, February 8, 2013

Six Crocheted Beau Catchers

Historically the words Beau Catchers mean "A small flat curl worn on the temple by women".   But, back in the early 1940s, this word morphed into a garment or accessory meant to catch the eye of a potential Beau ... i.e., boyfriend.    This is the exact timing, 1943, of the Lily Mills Leaflet 112-B.

The leaflet has patterns to create 6 really nice Beau Catchers. 

A gaggle of "Dangles" hang off a hair comb

Three crocheted flowers on a ribbon backdrop.

A small bouquet of flowers

Look close - Ostrich feather tips !

A lovely Filagree comb

And, last but not least, a lovely bandeau to hold back your locks. 

With the exception of hair clips and barrettes being more common in today' fashion accessory, these designs themselves are apparently timeless.   

I've converted the pattern into a PDF file and listed it in my shop should you be interested in making one or all.  

one note :   Now, I don't know if these would necessarily catch the attention of  a Beau, but highlight an outfit and add a touch of fun and fashion - definitely.     My DH is named Beau, and I caught him with my incredible personality and cooking ability.  

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