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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Butterflies in Crochet, Coats Clarks Book 272

There probably has never been a time that butterflies were not a favored motif for crochet.  They are bright and colorful and just the sight, be it the real thing, or portrayed in art, gives us that feel of long summer days and pretty flowers.    No wonder that butterflies have also remained a popular motif in crochet.

Way back in 1951 - 62 years ago - Coats & Clark put out a book celebrating Butterflies in Crochet.    Now, there were certainly no groundbreaking design ideas, but each of their butterflies are attractive motifs' with plenty uses.  Let me show you.

Book 272 - Butterflies in Crochet 
The front cover gives real life examples of some of the butterflies portrayed in the pattern book 

Vintage Butterfly Gloves Crochet Pattern

Hat and Gloves S-36 :  Here we have big butterflies stitched to a fabric cloche and the matching 
motif built into a pair of crochet mesh gloves.   This set is pure fun.  

Butterfly Handkercheifs S-44 :  Three pretty butterflies and edgings to stitch to handkerchiefs,
 or items of your choice. 

Vintage Crochet Butterfly Applique Patterns

Butterfly Blouse S-34 :  Just a bit misleading, this pattern includes instructions for one butterfly that can be made to a variety of items and stitched to a blouse, as they suggest, or to anything you might like. 
This pattern is available in my shop as a Free Download. 

S-37 Butterfly Runner.  The pattern includes both a large and a small butterfly motif 
for stitching to runners (or items of your choice). 

Vintage Butterfly Appliques for Luncheon Cloth

S-65 Butterfly Luncheon Cloth:  Another attractive motif for stitch to cloths - in this case a 
pretty pink luncheon cloth. 
Butterfly Trimmed Mats Pattern
S-43 Butterfly Luncheon Set :  A loose butterfly design is attached as edging to place, 
bread and butter and glass mats.  

Butterfly Crocheted Doily Pattern

Night Table Doily S-55 :  This 15 inch square Night Table Doily is mesh with 
a raised butterfly motif. 

Bedspread Ensemble S-66 :  This is an inspiration pattern picture.  Make up the different butterfly motifs in the book and attach bedspreads, curtains, lamp shades in a colorful array. 

Crochet Butterfly Luncheon Set in Pink and Green

Luncheon Set S-61 :  In three sizes, using this mesh mats with butterfly edge
as luncheon mats or doilies.  

And, there you go.  These 9 patterns constitute the book.   I think there is a nice assortment in here.  Although I'm not sure about putting these on blouses, I would image there would be many a person, especially young girls, that would love the butterfly gloves and hat, and I certainly wouldn't mind the runner cloth myself.   You - do you have a favorite ?  

I reworked this book into sharp clean individual patterns, which I have listed in my shop, should you be interested.  The links are below the pictures.     I hope you enjoyed the book review. 

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