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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lets Crochet Beginner Star Book from American Thread

This book, Let's Crochet, is American Thread 175.   It's a simple 'Learn-How' type of book that covers the basic steps and then follows them up with some easy to follow patterns for items that you might actually want to wear or use.   I couldn't find any dates in the book, but based on the cover art, it has 1960s written all over it ... perhaps late 60's with the cute little flip hairdo on the front.

American Thread Company, Star Book 175

The book was issued as promotion  to their Dawn Series of Yarns, and all of the patterns, will call for this brand.  To use now, substitute based on yarn weight and gauge.    Pages 5 to 14 cover the basic stitches with both written instructions and useful pictures. 

 Afghan and Pillows are made up using 9 inch squares.    Here you'll work towards perfecting the square and incorporating the Popcorn Stitch.   They are worked with Knitting Worsted and a Size J Crochet Hook. 

The Slipover (on left) is sized 9, 11, 13 and 15.   Work with with Knitting Worsted and a Size J Plastic Hook and a Wooden Crochet Hook No 13. 
The Popover (on right) is sized 12, 14 and 16.  Crochet this comfy top with Fingering Yarn and a Plastic Crochet Hook Size J.  You'll also need Mercerized Crochet cotton for the fringe. 

Bangle Crochet Sweater or Vest is sized Small, Medium and Large.   The pattern does not state what these sizes are, but typically that would be 8/10, 12/14 and 16/18.   Look close, just like the pattern name, bangles are attached.  Pattern calls for Knitting Worsted and a Wooden Crochet Hook No 10.

Shift, Striped Dress, Tunic is sized Small, Medium and Large.   This one has - make it your way - type options ... a shift, a dress, a tunic; with fringe, without fringe.  Well, you get the idea.    Crochet this easy pattern with Knitting Worsted and a Wooden Crochet Hook Size 13.  

Crocheted Poncho sports a drawstring neck with pom-pom ties.   It is sized small and medium and is worked with a Wooden Crochet Hook No 15 and Knitting Worsted. 

Stole with end Tassels is an ample 60 inches long by 20 wide.    Work this easy pattern with a Wooden Crochet Hook No 13 and Knitting Worsted. 
Crocheted Muff uses Knitting Worsted and a Wooden Crochet Hook Size 13. 
Slippers are sized Small, Medium and Large and are created with a Plastic Crochet Hook Size J

And, last, but not least, Potholders.  All 5 designs are worked in Heavy Rug Yarn using an Aluminum Crochet Hook Size H. 

The back cover features a whimsical sketch of the striped dress.   This is slightly unusual, usually on books in this time period, the front and back covers were the same.  

Overall, this is a good beginners book.    Good instructions and a few good patterns.    I don't want one, but I think the muff pattern is quite fun.   It's not cold enough here in Southeast Louisiana to ever need such a piece, however, it looks like it might be equally marvelous as a dusting mitt.

This pattern book is not in public domain and is not processed for the shop, however, I'm sure you'd be able to locate a copy on Ebay. 

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.    Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Is this booklet worth anything? I have one in good condition.

    1. The place to check would be Ebay. I'd say in perhaps in the $3.00 to $5.00 neighborhood (plus shipping).