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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rugs Hats Bags American Thead Star Book 115

Officially, this is Star Crochet Book No. 115.   Notice the 'Crochet' in that designation; typically it is simply Star Book.   I'd assume the addition of Crochet is due to all of the patterns being all Crochet.    This booklet takes us back to 1955.  It contains 'Modern designs for Rugs, Hats, Bags, Pillows and Luncheon Sets".   All of the patterns are easy - perfect for beginners practice, or quickly accomplished by the more skilled crochet artist.

Continue on if you'd be interested in a book review.

 As is typical, the front and back covers are the same.   The front cover previews 4 of the patterns, hopefully giving you the temptation to pick it up and purchase at your local store. 
As you might guess from this picture of the inside cover, this crochet booklet was issued as a promotion to American Threads Aunt Lydia's brand of yarn.   All of the patterns will feature one of these three name brands.   (Of course, you may substitute with current brands).

Vintage Drawstring Crochet Bag Pattern in Popcorn Stitch
Crocheted Hat and Bag features an attractive raised popcorn stitch.  The drawstring bags have not remained popular, however, I'd think it would not be difficult to alter to a small shoulder strap.
The hat is cute and perfect for everyday wear.

Checkerboard Rug Crochet Pattern
 Checkerboard Rug and Pillow is an easy block motif set.  Crochet the required number of blocks and stitch them together for a rub measuring 30 x 42 inches and a pillow that is 12 inches square.   This pattern also appeared in the June, 1962 issue of The Workbasket.

Vintage Triangle Crocheted Pillow Pattern
Triangle Pillow - They casually snuck this one in to the photo op.  I almost missed it.   The size is not stated, but it's made up in three colors and is a quite nice accessory.   This 'sneak-in' pattern is offered as a free download in my shop. 

Shaggy Crochet Rug Pattern, Vintage 1950s
Loop Stitch Bathroom Set includes 17-1/2 x 27 inch rug as well as a tank set.  The dimensions of
 the tank set are not stated.   I'd imagine, back in the late 1950s they had not considered all the
 varying types and sizes we have today!

Fringed Oval Rug Crochet Pattern
The Classic Oval Rug measures 22 x 37-1/2 inches and has a nice layer of fringe.  It would certainly be easy to incorporate this  in to the home decor. 

Geometric Striped Crochet Rug Pattern
The New Modern Rug and Pillow give draw attention and give a bit of flair to whatever you may stage them.  The rug measures 25 x 38 inches and the pillow a large 15-1/2 x 19 inches.  

Woven Luncheon Mats are 12" x 16.5" without the fringe.    These are crocheted with the striped
woven (or darned) in and finished with a nice fringe.   

The New Home Look is a super easy rug that  measures 24" x 36" without the short corresponding fringe.

Crochet Brimmed Cloche Hat Pattern
The New Hat Look includes the hat, of course, as well as another drawstring bag.  Another easy to wear hat that will easily correspond with the wardrobe.

Knitting Pattern for Craft Bag
Knitting Bag - The size of this bag is not stated, however, the little tote looks more than ample to haul around a reasonable quantity of stuff.   This pattern is available as a free download in my shop.

Vintage Utility Bag Knitting Pattern
Knitting Bag -  Another Knitting Bag, square versus diamond shaped.   This bag is also offered as a free download in my shop. 

A nice variety set of crochet patterns ... a little of this for you and a little of that for your home.   Typical ploy to draw in the consumer; if you don't like the rug, perhaps you will like the hat!      As I was typing this one up, I found myself wondering when did the Luncheon Mat name change to the Place Mat.   Of course, there is the obvious idea that we use the mats at other meals too.   Out of curiosity, I headed over to Google and searched 'When did Luncheon Mats become known as Place Mats?', and it returned with nothing of significance.    Something that Google doesn't know?   Nawww ... I just didn't find it.      Perhaps you know?

As usual, I restored this book to individual patterns and listed in my shop.  Just follow the links below, should you be interested.   A couple are listed as a free download to express appreciation to my customers and/or visitors.   

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  1. I have this one, as well; found it at a local flea market marked down to $1.50! :) I have been wondering about the date since it is not listed; was guessing 1950's based on the styles and the 10 cent price tag on the cover.

  2. Oh, do tell ... have you made any of the patterns. I look back through the books periodically and keep landing on the New Hat. I have so got to learn to crochet.