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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crocheted Fashions, American Thread, Start Book 116

This booklet, Crocheted Fashions was issued as an American Thread Promotion for their line of heavy mercerized crochet cotton.   The cover indicates the patterns include bedspreads, hats, luncheon sets, gloves, hot plate mats and bags.   And, yep, that's exactly what is in here ... plus a cornucopia !   A great combination book ... a few fashions for you, a few for your home.    All of the patterns are crochet.

Crocheted Fashions
The front and back covers are the same and preview two of the patterns. 

This is the original advertisement for the promotion. 

Hat Bag Pattern using Star Fast Heavy Crochet Cotton
Hat & Bag - a cute brimmed cloche with ribbon ties and a matching handbag.   

Crocheted Knitting Bag - Nicely striped and ready to haul your stuff. 

Large Granny Square Crochet Bedspread Pattern
The Modern Block Crocheted Bedspread - bright a colorful with a touch of 
fun tossed in, in the form of popcorns. 

Medallion Place mat crochet pattern
This Motif Luncheon Set is a delightful 4-1/2 inch square that not long makes a great place mat, but could easily become runners and tablecloths as well. 

Vintage Crochet Placemats in heavy thread
Border Place Mats, neither frilly nor plain ... just right for everyday wear.
" For the New, Gay, Modern You" - Beret Hat, Drawstring Bag and Gloves
The Modern Horn of Plenty; a cornucopia for your table decor

Crochet Bridge Cloth Pattern in Checkerboard

Bridge Cloth with Napkins.   The Motif checkerboard cloth is 30 x 30 inches.  The napkins are cloth with crochet edging. 

The Traditional Potholder and Hot Plat Mat sports a circular Flower Motif.
The Modern Potholder and Hot Plate Mats, in three sizes, are bright and colorful

This pattern book takes us back to 1950.  It's obvious, that at the time, Modern was the new buzz word as it's used frequently throughout the book.   (Interesting that it's a word seldom used now).    I always have questions when I go through these books.   Like, do bridge players still decorate with bridge cloths, or does anyone over the age 13 still use a drawstring bag, why are most knitting bags, crocheted, etc. 

As usual with these old public domain pattern books, I've reworked the pattern to bright clean PDF files and they are available individually in my shop - Just follow the links before the pictures should you be interested.     Either way, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  

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