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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Moppets Slipper Free Knitting Pattern

Here you go ... Part slipper; part Mop.

Put them on, spray a tiny amount of Furniture Polish on the bottom and spend the next hour sliding around the floor.   End result ... warm feet and a clean floor ! 

Seriously ... these are a fun pair of slippers !    These slippers are from American Thread, Star Book 156.   I've listed them as a FREE DOWNLOAD in my shop.

So, what do you think?   Are you going to give them a try?    If so, please drop back by and leave a comment letting us know how they turn out !

Now, let's go back to the furniture polish part .... it works, but be real careful with the quantity.    Years back, when I worked full time and had a cleaning service, the woman would spray some furniture polish on her sponge mop and lightly go over the tile floors.  It puts such a great shine on the floor.  We would never have known if she didn't overdo it one day.   I came home from work and went slipping right across the floor, ending on my behind!   A tiny bit works; a bit too much is dangerous!

Update 5/9/2018 ......

A point of interest (at least to me!); this pattern apparently made it's rounds among the yarn/pattern company.   I came across this Beehive flier for the same slippers

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  1. Ohhh my Gosh it sounds like our house! Mom waxes the floor big time and everyone that came over slipped and slid all over the place LOL funny but scary...sheesh Thank God you weren't seriously hurt.


  2. Tried to download this today - but all I got was a receipt for an order - no download link. Is this expired?

    1. The offer is still good. A link was apparently posted somewhere quite popular yesterday and several hundred orders for the free pattern came through over just a few hours and caught me off guard. I've reset the quantity available to 1000 ... so give it another try. It really is such as fun, and easy, pattern.