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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Knit Crochet Home Decor Accessories American Thread Book 195

Here is another of the 'With Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn Books', put out by American Thread as part of their yarn promotion.     This particular booklet has a variety of home decor patterns, along with some hats, a sweater or two and some misc. crafts.      Here, let me show you ....

American Thread, Star Book 195
 The 'Make it with Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn' are always on the whimsical side.   This one starts out with the grandest entrance of all .... a shot of the commode!    And, since these books were not dated (nor copyrighted ... which is why I can post it in this detail), the Commode being yellow further draws us to the fact that this is the 1960s.    Here is a bathroom set you will see again, a bit down the page.

Officially, It's a Shell, It's Long, It's Knitted.   I love it ... pair it up with some skinny jeans or a casual straight skirt and head on out for the day.    The only downside here, a pattern for the hat is not included.    This shell is crocheted and is sized 32, 34 & 36. 

 Here's another yellow throne.  This one sports a star type motif and the rug has a plentiful amount of fringe.    This set includes the seat cover, a tissue cover and, of course, the rug.   Actual sizes are not referenced in the pattern, although it does tell us that each motif is 7.5" across points (if that helps).    This is a crochet pattern. 

This crocheted sweater jacket sports a great tie belt with a set of fun pom-pom.   It is sized Small (12 to 14), and Large (16 to 18).  The official title ... Tie it high, Tie it low, Wear it wherever you go ! 

 Here we have placemats and a table runner.  (Bright Gay Stripes to be used indoors too!).   This is a crochet pattern for the placemats (sized 12" x 18"), with the changes to create the table runner shown in the parenthesis.

This is a lovely doily, tablecloth piece.   The official title description - It's Round, It's an easy Mesh, It's Be-Flowered.  The actual size is not stated, however, the floral rings are every three rounds.   I assume you can made it whatever size you want by increasing the numbers of rounds.   This is a crochet pattern.

This is a weaving craft project.   A view at a glance looks like you take basic dishcloths and weave in the rug yarns to create visual interest, texture, and of course, the great fringe.   The official title ... Dish Cloths Make Beautiful Placemats!

The Swan is featured in another bathroom set.   This is crocheted and consists of the usual, a seat cover, a tissue cover and the 26" x 37" rug.    The graph for the swan and reed image in in the book.

Here we have to soft and comfy pillows.     The block pillows calls for both knitting needles and a crochet hook; measuring 12" x 15.5".  The round pillow is crochet only, and is 15" in diameter. 
Ovals for a Change !   The placemats measure 12.5 by 20.5 and are crocheted.

The title referenced on these is Pease - Porridge  - Hot.   I'm not sure I quite get that, but, these are cute little coasters and hot plate mat.   This is a crochet pattern. 

I asked my husband what these scarves were called back in the 60s, and he said babushka.   I didn't believe, but a Google showed babushka as a triangle scarf which ties under the neck.   This booklet is calling this a Fish Net Triangle.   It is a crochet pattern. 

This one is called a Fish Net Snood and it is also a crochet pattern.   The little bow is so cute.

This rug pattern, titled Embroidered Matchsticks, is first crocheted and then extra yarn is weaved through to create the matchstick design.  A chart is included.   The finished rug measures 24" x 36".

They are calling these stocking savers and are (at least from the stocking standpoint) probably a thing of the past.   Perhaps you could think up other things to hang here?   This is crochet over the standard 'now vintage' wood hangers.   

Yep, it's a craft project for a mirror.   It calls for felt, yarn, feathers, glue, and, of course, the mirror.

These boots were meant for warmth and showing off.   They sport a nice diamond shape and a back tassel.  This is a knitting pattern.

And last, but not least ... this rug, 24" x 45" is crocheted with marvelously thick fringe. 

And, the back cover highlights the placements and runners detailed above.  

To recap, we have a little crochet, a little knitting and a few crafts.  Some of the patterns are a little more stuck in the 60's, than others ... but, who doesn't like a little retro here and there. 

Hope you enjoyed the Photo Journal ...

Thanks for dropping by, 

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