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Friday, May 2, 2014

Rose Filet Crochet Patterns

I believe the most popular of flower motifs for the Filet Crochet motifs is the Rose.   What do I base this on?  Well, the number of Rose Filet Crochet patterns I've processed so far for the shop.   Now, I'll say that pansies may be a distant second, followed by a number of generic flowers.   But, the Rose ... well, it is definitely number.  

It was this particular pattern that got me thinking about this.   I picked up this pattern this morning for processing and said 'oh, another Rose design.  

Filet Crocheted Rose Square for Tablecloth Runners
Alice Brooks 7098, Filet Crochet Square joins together to form a most appealing cloth.  The Design pattern is vintage 1950. 

Filet Crocheted Chair Set in Rose Motif
This larger than typical Rose motif chair set was released by National Needlecraft Bureau in the 1940s.   

Filet Crochet Rose Pineapple Chair Set
Another Design pattern, Alice Brooks 7364 gives another version of the Rose.   This one a lovely center motif with columns of pineapple leaves down the edges.  

Rose Filet Crocheted Round Cloth Pattern
This Round Rose Cloth is vintage 1950s from Lily Mills.   Whether worked in 17, 19, or 22 inches, it remains absolutely lovely. 

Rose Filet Crocheted Place Mat Pattern
The Rose Bouquet Place Mat comes to us, vintage 1950s, from the Spool Cotton Company.  Simple in it's design, but devine. 

Oval Round Filet Crochet Rose Pineapple Doily Pattern
Another Alice Brooks Design 7347, with a central rose motif and pineapples all the way around.   (Don't even get me started on the pineapples!) 

Do you suppose the heavy use of the rose is it's simplicity of design, or the way we associate the rose with romance and love, or the way the image can bring the bouquet of smell to our memory?    Or, perhaps it's just the Rose is the most favored flower.    What do you think? 

Now, there are more filet crochet rose selections, as well as many others, should you like to look further ... MORE FILET CROCHET.  

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