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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ripple Crochet Afghan Patterns

I had a note from a customer this morning asking for help locating a specific ripple afghan crochet pattern.   After searching a bit, I had to, unfortunately, respond that I didn't have (at least listed) the pattern she was searching,   But, in that search, my concept of ripple was broadened a bit.

Now, by definition, ripple means - "to form or have small undulations, ruffles, or folds.  Well, yep, that's a pretty broad definition, but I always think of the ripple looking something like this.

Masculine Crochet Ripple Afghan Pattern
Crocheted Ripple in three colors, measuring 42 x 60 inches. 

Another typical sign of the ripple includes the rippled ends on the long sides.   By definition of the ripple, however, comes a whole variety of related designs, frequently titled under different names.    Like ....

Crochet Rippled Wave Afghan pattern
This design is called Wavecrest, I added the ripple to the title, because that's just what it is.  The edges are not quite as pointed and the pompoms are quite cute. 

Ripple Panel Afghan Crochet Pattern, Fringed
This mail order design, Alice Brooks 7505 is half ripple.  Three rows of ripples and two plain panels.   No pointed edges, of course, but a light fringe all the way around.  

Ripple Overleaf Crochet Afghan Pattern
Technically a ripple because the design starts with a three color ripple, right down to the pointed edges.  But, this one has what they are calling an 'overleaf' design added ... and thus the name of Rippled Overleaf Afghan

Ripple Afghan Pattern in Loop Stitch
This is a Loop Stitch Ripple, with multiple difference.   Of course there is the loop stitch giving it that fuzzy 'other look', but also just bi-color and in rows or stripes, if you will.  The pointed edges are there.   
Vintage Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern
This Rippled Afghan is so bright and colorful.   At first glance, the ripple design might no jump out at you.   But, look again ... it's there.  

Rickrack Crochet Afghan Pattern Ripple Motif

This design is called Rick Rack Afghan.   Rickrack like ... again yes, but you can see those lapping waves .... making it yet another ripple variation at heart.   

So, the point is (should there need to be a point), there are many different ripple designs out there.   And, when you are looking for a ripple, remember to look just a bit farther than the standard as you might just miss out on the ripple of your dreams!

These designs are in my shop, along with a variety of others, both crocheted and knitted.

Thanks for dropping by.

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