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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bernat Afghans to Knit Crochet, Book 160

This pattern booklet, A bouquet of Bernat Afghans to Knit and Crochet is a real beauty.     The Bernat, as do most other, adopt a theme to set an overall mood for their book.   The mood here is apparently relaxation (good theme for afghans) with an emphasis of the outdoors.  And, as you would expect, the afghans are perfectly modeled in the pictures.   There are a couple classics in here, along with some more obsolete patterns.    The book was issued in 1968.    Here, let me show you.

A Bouquet of Bernat Afghans - 1968
2127-160 - A knitted afghan.    And yes, it would be perfect for a nap on the couch - anytime.  

2135-160 - Starting off with a bit of whimsy; it is a crocheted domino afghan.   What better to accompany an afternoon snooze in the lawn chair !

 2135-160 - Here's a lacy knitted beauty.   It's perfect for those days you might want to stay tucked into bed admiring yourself in the mirror.   Or, truthfully, any other time, almost anywhere else in the house. 

2129-160 - Here's a cabled afghan, knitted with crocheted edges and fringe.   Perfect for an afternoon nap in tall grass. 

2134-160 - An afghan of crocheted squares.  Also a great standby for an afternoon nap.
2125-160 - WOW ... This piece is completed in an afghan stitch and then embroidered.    The amount of work required in this makes it a guaranteed heirloom.  

2128-160 - Two Color Plaid Crochet Afghan ... so tartan ... so masculine.  

2138-160 This is a classic afghan - Granny Squares in autumn colors -- Perfect to fight off the backyard chill. 

2137-160  No pattern book could every be complete without a knitted ripple.  

2131-160 - A sailing themed afghan with the star compass motif in the center.   It is knitted with crochet edges.    This picture is also the back page.   

2126-160 :  Bright and colorful, this knitted afghan will brighten even the most serene of places. 

2130-160 :  Here's a 5 color ripple wave.   It is crocheted and extra-large as you may have noticed ... a big 58 x 100 inches.

2133-160 - One last Granny Square (Can there every be too many Grannies?).   Again, crocheted and measuring 44 x 70 inches.   Dramatic in blue, equally great in any other color combination.

And that is it ... 13 patterns - A Bouquet of Bernat Afghans to knit and crochet in beautiful Berella.    Nicely done Bernat !

I've listed the patterns individually in my shop; the links are under the pictures, should you be interested.   Either way, I hope you enjoyed the Afghan Show.  

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