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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ruffled Doilies Pattern Book 253 by Coats Clarks

If you love doilies, this vintage book is a real treasure.   The book is from Coats and Clark's.   It was issued way back on 1949.    It contains 12 doilies where the ruffle reigns Supreme.

The lead in commercial:  "The vogue for ruffles has taken hold of the imagination of American women ... their feminine love of daintiness has been captivated by these airy-fairy dolies.  Nothing can add more to the gaiety of a room than wisps of frothy lace ... and here are cascades of frills and ruffles to delight your beauty-loving heart.  For cobweb delicacy combined with durability, use J&P Coats or Clarks O.N.T. Best Size Cord Mercerized Crochet". 

So, if you love doilies, grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you like to sip, and have a gander at these lovelies.
D-134 / Waterfall - Measures 20 inches in diameter.

D-130 / Rose Ruffle - Interestingly enough, this lovely is named Rose Ruffle even though there is no rose or even floral reference.  The finished doily measures 18 inches in diameter.
D-139 - Full Bloom - Floral motif and nicely fluted edges measures 9-1/2 inches in diameter.

D-135 - Zephyr has a small floral center and a seriously wide and tall ruffle.  It measures 18 inches in diameter.

D-131 - Fairy Frosting / Oval Doily Measures 16 x 20 inches.  Each small doily measures 10 inches in diameter.  I am guessing it received the name for association with mounds of frosting. 

D-138 - Fancy Free / Measures 12 inches square (including ruffle).

D-140 - Staff of Life / Measures 9.5 by 13.5 inches.  I would think this attractive 
piece would fit wonderfully into your bread basket. 
D-141 - Whirlpool / Measures 21 inches in diameter and will be a dramatic backdrop accent for a vase or single figurine. 
D-137 - Easter Lily / A pretty piece of art measuring 14 inches in diameter.

D-132 - Party Frills / Measures 22 inches in diameter.

D-136 - Flying Comet / The motif here, more commonly known as a whirlwind, is surrounded by a wide ruffle.  It measures 13 inches in diameter. 

D-133 - Pole Star is suitable elegant to have been chosen to grace the back cover. This centerpiece measures 28 inches in diameter.

I have to say that these are quite special show pieces.   Each one deserves a center stage.   If I had to pick, I think I'd lean towards Zephyr; uncomplicated design and such a tall ruffle.  I don't know to what degree doilies are still used in the home, but this is an art that would be a true shame to loose.

These patterns have been restored and converted to clean, crisp PDF patterns and are available in my shop, should you be interested.  (Links under the pictures)

I hope you enjoyed the doilies !    Thanks for dropping by.

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