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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doreen Crocheted Knitted Mittens Gloves Socks, Vol 96

I've now added a 5th Doreen (by Nell Armstrong) book to my collection.    This one, Doreen Two Needle Argyles - Easy to Make Crocheted Mittens and Gloves.   So, five down; about 100 to go --- unless the series did not start at 001.   I've performed quite a few Google searches looking for information and have found very little.

The book cover says 'Crocheted Mittens and Gloves'.   But, there is a whole lot more going on here.   As many of the patterns are knitting as crochet, and there are sock and a scarf as well.       The pictures in the book are quite explanatory, so I'm giving here just a photo-journal .....     Enjoy the book.

Along with a variety of old-style, albeit fun and funky mittens are some very elegant socks and gloves.   Something here for everyone.   Of Nell's books, that I've seen so far, this one is straight-forward, not many cute drawings and, well ... strictly business.   But, what nice business. 

One day, I'll process this book for  the shop ... if something here is a 'must have', let me know and I'll see what I can do. 

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