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Sunday, June 19, 2011

American Thread Star Book 68, Crochet Bedspread Patterns

 This book was issued by American Thread Company way back in 1949 ... yes ... 62 years ago.   It's Star Book 68, titled Spreads that are different in Motifs Easy to Make.     The book contains the 7 patterns shown below.   Each pattern is crochet.    But, don't let the ideas of spreads limit you.  Most of these are square blocks ... use them in any manner you wish ... scarves, shawl, inserts .... any way you wish !

Spreads that are Different in Motifs Easy to Make
Crochet Bedspread Patterns, Star Book 68 from American Thread
The Pansy Spread is shown on both the front and back cover.  Because of the popularity of our Pansy Doily we have had many requests for a Pansy Bedspread.  This one is lovely.  We know you will enjoy making every one of the little heart-shaped flowers.  Each motif measures about 10 inches.  40 motifs, 4 x 10 are required for spread measuring 40 x 100 inches, without the ruffle.     

Popcorn Stitch Crochet Bedspread Pattern
 Shell and Popcorn - Whether your bedroom is Early American Victorian, Modern, or "Just You", this lovely spread will fit into your decorative scheme.  Each motif, for this spread, measures about 6.5 inches at its widest point.  476 motifs and 54 half motifs are required.  The finished spread measures approx. 64" x 109", without the fringe.  

Crochet Ruffled Bedspread Skirt Pattern
 Cinderella Spread - How simple to transform a drab room into one of colorful beauty.  We have added a simple edging and band of Irish Crochet to a yellow organdy spread.  Why not trim a white spread with Cherry Red trimming -- add curtains and a dressing table to match?   Each motif measures 3".  

Vintage Snow White Crocheted Bedspread Pattern in Blocks
 Snow White - The forever popular popcorn stitch in an easy-to-make new motif design makes this spread an heirloom beauty.   Each motif measures about 6 inches.  198 motifs 11 x 18 are required for Spread measuring 66 x 108 inches, without fringe.    

Vintage Crochet Flower Queen Block Pattern
 Flower Queen - A raised flower motif gives the illusion of a lovely nosegay and these motifs are such good pick-up work.  Each motif measures about 5 inches, 286 motifs 12 x 22 are required for bedspread measuring about 65 x 100 inches without the border.   

Ruffled Skirt Crochet Bedspread Pattern
 Sleeping Beauty - And who wouldn't be a sleeping beauty in a spread trimmed with these dainty Forget-Me-Nots.    This edgings pattern is offered as a Free Download. 

Checkerboard Blocks Crochet Bedspread Pattern
Prince Charming - A bold patchwork spread perfect for that masculine prince.   Each square measures about 4 inches.  Spread is 80 x 116 inches with border.  This is an easy pattern, perfect for beginners. 

 I'd say I am most fond of the Shell and Popcorn Spread.   My husband, though, might think it too frilly and want to hold out for the Price Charming, which I might consider to masculine for the bedroom --- although I'd love it as an extra large afghan ?   You -- do you have a favorite ?

I've reformatted these to clean crisp patterns and listed in my shop (just follow the links below the pictures) should you be interested.

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