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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crochet Potholder Pattern, American Thread Star Book 69

The patterns in this book, Pocket Potholders, are downright fun.   The book is Star Book No 69 from American Thread Company.   It goes quite a ways back -- like 61 years -- issued in 1950.    They call these pieces pocket potholders as they have a space for you to put in your hand, and in some cases, a separate spot for your thumbs.    There are 14 different patterns here and I want to share with you all the pictures.   I copied them to small files, so hopefully they will not be too intensive to load.     I'm not adding in the individual instructions, as they are all crochet. 
Pocket Potholders
As typical, the front and back cover are the same.
The official promotion ..

Rose Potholder
Danny Duck

So, what do you think?   Are these fun, or what?   I'm especially fond of the strawberry and the frog.   With each one of these books, learning to crochet is rapidly growing on my lists of things to learn.  

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