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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doll Clothes Crochet Knit Patterns, Doreen Dolls, Volume 104

This is the second of the Doreen Dolls Crocheted and Knitted Designs book that I have in my inventory.    This one is volume is 104.    I also have the Volume 102.   Since volume 102 and 104 are Doll clothing patterns, I'd think that 103 would be the same.   But no, Volume 103 is pattern book for sweaters.

These patterns, designed by Nell Armstrong, are all for 8" characters dolls.   Most of the patterns are crochet, however, a couple are knit with crochet detail.   All the patterns are delightful ... just take a look !

 The front cover gives us the Rose Pin Cushion (550).  This lovely set, for an 8" doll includes the dress, a rosette hat, umbrella and cape.  To create this, you will need Bedspread Cotton, ribbon, batting and a No 3 steel crochet hook.   Note that you can create this is a doll outfit, or, follow the easy directions to make a base and turn this lovely into a pincushion for your collection. 

 Pansie Pin Cushion (552) - This dress, also for an 8" character doll, can be a stand-alone outfit or a Pin Cushion.   The dress is a combination of crochet and satin ribbon.  The directions include the Pansie dress and rosette hat.
 Frances (553) - This outfit includes the flared dress, a hat, panties and a cute little pouch purse.  It is designed for an 8" character doll.   Supplies required are Bedspread Cotton, ribbon and a No 7 steel crochet hook.

 Doreen (554) - This outfit, for an 8" doll, is a full skirt with bodice, stole and panties.   This is one of the few that do not include a hat (which were still quite popular in the early 50's).  To create this ensemble, you'll need Bedspread Cotton, ribbon and a No 7 steel crochet hook. 

 Cape and Hood (555) - This pattern is exactly what it says; a cape and a hood that you can use in combination with any other outfit.   Wardrobe accessories, you might say.    To create these accessories, for the 8" doll, you'll need Angora Yarn, No 2 single pointed knitting needles and a No 3 bone crochet hook. 

 Kathy (556) - This pattern, for an 8" character doll, resembles a dress for a Southern Belle.   It is a combination knitting (No 2) and crochet (No 4 steel).  To make it, you'll need Baby Yarn or Nylon, and ribbon. 

 Ballerina (557) - Don't you just love her?   A sweet frilly dress with a scoop neck, overskirt and panties.   This outfit will be worn ALOT.   It is created for an 8" doll and requires Bedspread Crochet Cotton, trimming silk, and a No 3 steel crochet hook. 

 Princess (558) - This outfit, for an 8" queen in waiting, is complete with dress, panties, overskirt, and a very sweet tiara.   You'll need, along with a No 7 steel crochet hook, Bedspread Cotton and ribbon. 

Anne (559) - This is a full circle skirt dress with spaghetti strap bodice.  It not only has a ribbon tie  at the waist, but ribbon intertwined through the skirt.   This pattern is for an 8" doll and calls for Bedspread Cotton, ribbon and a No 7 steel crochet hook. 

Debutante (560) -  This pretty formal dress has a square neckline and shoulder straps, as well as panties.  The picture shows a shawl, however, I do not see this as part of the printed pattern.   This pattern is also designed for the 8" doll and required Nylon, Baby Yarn or Pompadour.   It is knitted (No 2 needles) with Crochet (No 3) edges. 

Pin Cushion (561) - This pattern can be made up as clothes for an 8" doll, or made into a pincushion (instructions included).   The outfit includes the skirt, halter top, hat and a little pouch.   This pattern required Mercerized Crochet Cotton and a No. 9 Steel Hook. 

Rose Marie (562) - This delightful dress requires a double knot stitch; for which directions are given.  The outfit includes the dress, overskirt and the sweet little hat.   This pattern calls for Mercerized Crochet Cotton and a No. 9 steel hook. 

Bathing Beauties (563)  These four 8" dolls are showing off the suit separates of skirt, bra, panties and cape.   To create these bathing suits, you'll need Bay or Nylon Yarn and a No. 3 steel crochet hook. 

Coat and Hat (564) - This is another accessory pattern for the 8" doll.   It is an nice all around addition to dollies wardrobe.   To make this pattern, you'll need Sport or Nylon Yarn and a No 3 bone crochet hook. 

Susan (565) - This delightful dress sports little tied bows, a bow and, of course, panties.   It is created with a No 3 bone crochet hook and either Sport or Nylon Yarn. 

Debbie (566) - This pattern gives us a casual set of play clothes; a skirt, bra (or summer dress), cape and panties (which certainly look like shorts!).    After all, every girl needs casual clothes too!.   The set is made with Bedspread Cotton and a No 7 steel crochet hook.

And, last but not least, Miss April (551) is shown on the back cover.   Her outfit similar to a Southern Belle, includes the bodice and skirt, lots of ruffles, a hat and a bouquet.    The outfit is made with Bedspread cotton and a No 7 steel crochet hook. 

To my knowledge, Volume 102 and Volume 104 are the only 'Dolls' issues put out but Nell Armstrong.    This is truly a shame as she created, for us, marvelous pieces of wearable 'dollie' art.

I've scanned this booklet to PDF (E-Book) format and it is available in my shop, should you be interested.   I have a variety of either doll patterns for knit or crochet, which I'll be listing, as well as detailing here in my blog (if they are in public domain) in the near future. 

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