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Monday, May 23, 2011

Crochet Doll Dress Patterns, Mary Lou Betty, Kentucky Yarn

In my box of pending patterns (actually 9 boxes),  I came across another crochet pattern from the now defunct January and Wood Company ... you know, the Kentucky Yarn Company.    The pattern is in the form of a fold open leaflet, Number 900, Kentucky All Purpose Yarn - Article #301.  The pamphlet is not dated, but I would presume early 1950s, based on the doll size itself. There are two dress and bonnet patterns in the leaflet

The pattern details indicate they are sized for an 11" doll.   It is obvious these are NOT the 11-1/2" barbie type doll, but the slightly plumper baby dolls that were popular during this time period.

I was curious to see if January and Woods put out other patterns.   I did a couple searches, however, found only three small books.   Obviously putting out pattern books to support yarn promotions were not their norm.

These dresses are full of ruffles, with little corresponding hats and sure to be loved by any little girl, regardless of decade.   I've listed this one in my shop, should you be interested.

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  1. Hello,

    I love making dolls! It's fascinating to be able to create some of these doll patterns. These pattern create beautiful dresses for eager young hands to dress up their favorite beloved doll...