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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Sports Knit Crochet Patterns American Thread Star Book 219

Here's another pattern book from American Thread that I've recently processed for the shop.  I'm sharing it here with you as well, as a photo journal of sorts.   This is in the Star Book series and was a promotion for ....

Ready .... 
 Family Sports contains knit and crochet patterns sized 2 through 44.  The cover is a preview of three of them.

 This pattern is called - The Indian Charmer; Nehru Jacket.   I don't know anything about it being an Indian charmer, but it is indeed charming.   AND, the father-son matching sizes make it even more delightful.   This is a knitting pattern, sized 2 - 14 for boys and 36 to 44 for men.   
 The Daisies tell a fashion story in this sweet crocheted sweater.   The pattern is sized 4 - 12 girls and 10, 12, 14 for the ladies.   (a separate chart is included for the daisy motif).

This pattern is a His & His matching sweater ... and won't those special guys in your life look great in this !  This is a knitting pattern.   It is sized 4 - 12 boys and 36 - 42 men. 

 Titled:  A Jacket to Ruffle his Heart - Lady's Ruffle Jacket.  This is a knitting pattern sized 4 to 14 girls and 10 - 16 ladies.

Mother and Daughter Aran Dresses are three quartered sleeved from mom and long sleeve for toddler; both are minis.  This is a crochet pattern sized 2, 4, 6 for the toddler and 14, 16, 18 for the mother.   This pattern/picture is also shown on the front cover.  

Ready for the cold, blustery day out together ... here's the Mother & Daughter Turtle Neck Sweaters.   These are knitted.   The girls sweater is sized 4 - 12 and the Ladies sweater is 10 -16.

Another Heart Ruffle Pattern.   But, this time, the ruffle is at the hemline and the heart is in the weave.   This is a crochet pattern sized 2 - 8 for children and 10 - 16 for ladies.

Red Hot and Blue Striped Dress.  (Wonder why they left out mention of the white?).  This is a knitting pattern sized 2 - 8 for children and 10 - 16 for misses.
This pattern is offered free in 'freebee' section, just for fun.

And, as American Thread frequently do, the back cover is exactly the same as the front !

Did you enjoy the photo-journey?   Is the Nehru Jacket your favorite ... it's mine; or perhaps it is just the little boy ! 

Thanks for dropping by,

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