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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Knitted Halter Top with Hand Painted Motifs

Although I oversee a Knit and Crochet Pattern Shop, I'm actually a 'FABRIC' fiber artist.  I paint on fabric frequently, but never gave thought to painting on knitted or crocheted pieces.   Until now ... 
I was transferring this cute halter top pattern, when the painted (not embroidered) motif jumped out at me.   
Stencilled Knit Halter Pattern -- was presented to us in the 1951 issue of Modern Knitting magazine.  It was one of those 'why didn't I think of that' moments'.  
With the wide variety of fabric paints now available in our markets, the design opportunities become limitless.  And, what a marvelous way to update an 'older' garment.   Used Plaid paints to add writings, narrow stripes or, perhaps, contrast edges.   Or, regular tubes of fabric paints to stencil, as in the case of this pattern. 
These are the basic directions offered.    Now you could, of course, use the tubes of acrylic paints as well, but they will leave a bit of a rough tooth on the garment.  
Perhaps you'll give it a try?  Be it on a knitted garment, or a favored t-shirt, pair of jeans, etc.
Thanks for dropping by. 

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