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Friday, April 21, 2017

Crochet Pineapple Dress; What a beauty

I found the newspaper clipping in a stack of pattern leaflets I'd purchased off of Ebay.

It's quite an elegant design, and obviously a fair amount of work in Mercerized Crochet Cotton.  But, what a beauty!.  

I've searched Google-land and can't find anything that matches to this pattern.   The pattern is PC 1021.  Now, I've seen this prefix series many times (PC), and it's typically a designation for 1940's/1950's from Spool Cotton Company.   On many occasions, SPC allowed the National Needlecraft Bureau to market their patterns as well.   Since this is obviously a mail ordered pattern, I'd assume it would be National Needlecraft.   

Of particular fun is the caption of unknown writer -- "Isn't this a pretty dress. I'd love to have one like this.  Wished I could crochet".  

Hope you enjoy the vintage advertisement.   Thanks for dropping by. 

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