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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Vintage Crochet Snood Pattern of the 1940s

By definition, the snood comes in two types.    It is either an ornamental hairnet (or fabric bag) worn over the hair at the back of the neck, or wide ring of knitted material that is worn as a hood or scarf.   The second definition applies to more recent times, whereas the classic, or in this case, vintage term is the hairnet.

Although the crocheted snood has been around for centuries, they again gained popularity during World War II.     Snoods are typically an easy crochet project that you can stitch up in just a day or two.  The crochet snoods of the 1940s, with just an exception here and there, were pretty much predictable.  (Albeit Delightful).

 No 2447 - is a long hanging Snood with wide ribbon ties. 

This Perky Snood envelopes the  back of the head with just a small  tie at the top of the head.

Sweet Sue is similar to No 2447 above, but with different thread and hook.

Bow for a Beau, while still a basic snood, has a rather sophisticated flair, which just might be the result of a black, versus white, ribbon.  

And for fun --- Spool Cotton Company called this whimsical hat a snood as well.   Interesting ... quite!   A snood, well no.  

I'm add new patterns to the shop almost every day.   If you'd like to see if more snoods (I have to say, I love the word), have appeared, try this link.  

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