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Friday, May 16, 2014

Beautiful Afghans Pattern Book 82, American Thread

I've been working quite steadily on mail order patterns and leaflets lately and felt like I needed a break ... something with pretty color pictures.   So, off to the stack of waiting pattern books, and out I came with Star Book No 82 - Beautiful, Beautiful Afghans.   It fits the bill perfectly ... pretty color pictures to look at.

This booklet is from American Thread, 15 pages in all, and takes us all the way back to 1951.  Do you remember 1951?   Top song of the year being Too Young by Nat King Cole and the top movie was Alice in Wonderland.   That year was before my time, but I certainly know the trivia and can admire the beauty of these vintage afghan patterns. 

Striped Panels of Flowers Afghan Crochet Pattern
The front cover features the Flower Afghan Pattern.  This afghan calls for 21 different colors for the 2-1/4" motifs .. what a wonderful way to use up your scraps. 

American Thread called the design on the left a Chevron Afghan.  My first thought would have been a Ripple, but either way, it's a nice three color piece that is easy enough for a beginner to take on. 

The Indian Stripe Afghan is crocheted in strips with the motif worked into the ends and finished with a lush fringe.

They are calling this piece Square Dance Afghan and Shawl.   At 62 x 62 inches, I think this afghan would be a most perfect picnic blanket.  Create just half the afghan and you'll have a bright and colorful shawl to drape across your shoulders.

This beauty, called Victorian Afghan,  has either a rose or a pansy motif cross-stitched onto each of the 14-1/2 inch square blocks.  A fair amount of work in the embroidery, but what a grand piece.

Crocheted Fan Afghan with Fringed Ends

The Fan Afghan is made up of 5-1/2 inch blocks with a fan motif in three shades of blue in raised popcorn stitch, giving it great dimension and appeal.

This Two Tone Reversible Afghan is so easy to make that you probably shouldn't need a pattern.   But, just in case you do .....   This one has a nice fringe all the way around.   I think I'd copy off the Granny pattern above and make the fringe in two colors as well.

Crochet Charleston Garden Afghan Pattern
Charleston Garden, another floral display in 7-1/2 inch block motif graces the back cover.  

And that is it.   Nine afghan patterns, along with one shawl, in all.   They are all crocheted, and with the exception of the two that require additional embroidery, or cross stitch work, they are quite easy.

I've added these patterns to my shop, should anything interest you; the links are under the respective picture.    There are, of course, dozens and dozens of other crochet afghan patterns as well.

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