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Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Homecrafters Crochet Patterns

I've again come across the name 'The Homecrafters" and will say that I'm just a bit perplexed.   I have three Homecrafters patterns in my mail order collection.  All are crochet patterns.
Homecrafters 303 - Pansy Doily 

Large Pineapple Doily Pattern with Shell Ruffled Border

Homecrafters Crochet Pansy Doily Pattern 329

The new pattern I worked today is identified as Homecrafters 312 - a filet crochet half or bibbed apron, that includes only charts, not even a picture of the completed apron.  (It's not often I see a pattern that vague).  

So, why am I perplexed?  Well, it's the name -- The Homecrafters.   Now there are quite a variety of names that the mail order knit and crochet patterns were marketed under.   And, I've been able to find information, be it from Google News advertising clips, Copyright entries in Google Books, the web, or others that have mail order patterns and are blogging or selling them on Ebay.   But, the Homecrafters .... nope .... nothing. 

The patterns are on the full size sheets, as are all the other patterns, but the back of the sheet is printed with patterns for woodworking projects; such as chairs, tables, benches.   The address is listed as PO Box 45, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, NY.   Now, Old Chelsea Station is right where the Needlecraft Services and other mail order patterns kept their PO boxes, so this falls right in line.  The patterns will be pre-1963 as they reference the 2 digit postal codes.  

And, that's all I know.   I've Bing'd, Google, even browsed Dogpile and, as I've already said ... nada.  

Mysteries always bother me.   So ... if you know anything about The Homecrafters, I'd love to hear from you !!!

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