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Monday, September 2, 2013

Crocheted Doilies, Lily Design Book 79

​In 1956, Lily Mills issued their pattern Design Book 79, which they simply titled Doilies.    The selling price was a whole 10 cents.  Only somewhat true to the theme of doilies, the booklet, also include a couple nice place mats as well as a chair set.   If you'd like to see more, just get yourself into a comfortable spot and settle in for the photo journal that is about to follow. 

Doilies Crochet Pattern Book 79 from Lily Mills
As typical in these pattern booklets, the front page shows a number of the patterns included in the booklet.  In this particular case, all nine designs

Swirls Doily - Round upon round of intricate lace all in 12-1/2 inches. 

Pointed Harmony Doily -  I see here a hint of floral, a hint of hearts and wonderful lacy effects. 

Embossed Daisy Place Mat - This lovely piece, worked in filet crochet, has a scroll daisy motif. 

Grape Mat - a round variation of the Place Mat, this one features a nice grape spay in each quarter. 

Peacock Fillet Buffet Scarf - Two peacocks surrounded by a leaf scroll motif; a filet crochet beauty measuring 16-1/2 x 26 inches. 

Pineapple Centerpiece - Pineapples in a contrast color add pop and 
appeal to this 17 inch centerpiece. 

Coin Dots - Polka Dots add a fun appeal to this basic mat. 

Crocheted Square Pattern for mats
Chair Set - The back cover gives us a simple chair set made of square motifs that could easily be extended to becomes scarves or cloths size of your choice. 

And that's it; all eight patterns featured in the booklet.  I do have to say it is a nice collection of different design and stitch techniques.   Several pieces are of framing quality, and I could easily see the chair set becoming a quite attractive bedspread.  And, the Grape Mats should certainly be used in entertaining with a Wine bottle right in the middle.  

Should you be interested, these patterns are in my shop individually; there are links below the pictures.   Either way, I hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  

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