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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Floral Doily Patterns for Crochet Book 268

The year was 1950, and the Spool Cotton Company issued a bright and colorful pattern booklet, making the grand step from the slightly earlier times where only the front and back covers were in color.  Of course, there was a definite reason for this.  It was the introduction of a line line of bright and colorful, as well as varigated threads under the Coats and Clarks Brand Name.  
Coats & Clark's Thee Cord Crochet Cotton Thread Size 20
The book contains just 11 patterns .... and very nice patterns they are. 

The Newest in Floral Doilies 
Book 268
Vintage Tulip Crocheted Doily Pattern is vintage 1940s
Gracing the front cover is the incredible lovely ...
FD-437 Tulip Varieties with 16 variegated tulips bordering spiderweb mesh at either 
15 or 17 inches.

FD-440 Wild Rose Scallops, brightly colored with pink roses and border on a green lace background.   It measures either 10-1/2 or 12 inches. 

FD-448 Rose Bouquet, worked in Filet Crochet with full page chart, measuring 
11 x 17-1/2 or 12 x 19-1/2 inches.

FD-441 Flower Cartwheel designs radiates from the wheel to brightly colored flowers at the ends of the spokes.   Make it up at either 10 or 11 inches. 

FD-446 Floral Temptation has a bit of it all; pretty flowers, scalloped border that forms a ruffle at the points, a wheel type center... and more !

FD-443 Daisy Web gives a spiderweb ad large tiered center daisy, with a border of repeating
 daisies and leaves.   Make it at either 14 or 16 inches. 

FD-447 Viola Cornuta is the crocheted motif around a linen center creating 
a runner up to 14-1/2 by 40 inches, 

FD-439 Sweet William is made up of 1-1/2 inch doilies, in bright colors, with a deeply 
ruffled green border

FD-442 Petunias has a nice compact pinwheel central motif that is surrounded by
16 individual petunias.  

FD-445 Coreopsis has bright yellow and while flowers nestled at the ends
of the long narrow leaves. 

Crocheted Floral Doilies Book 286 Back Cover
And, the back cover .. the last three doilies, of course. 

I personally think it is a delightful collection of doilies.  Now, I know that white and beige are the norm, but I'm fond of colorful.  My particular favorite being the Petunia Pinwheel design.   You?  Have you a favorite? 

Thanks for dropping by for my pattern book review, 

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