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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crocheted Piggy Bank, Free Pattern

Now, what could be more fun that a crocheted piggy bank?   Well, I could suggest that might be a crocheted piggy bank full of $100 dollar bills.  But, since that isn't realistic (in my life, anyway), I'd say a Free crochet piggy bank pattern!  

Piggy Bank Crochet Pattern
This public domain pattern is from a 1949 issue of McCalls Needlework.  Picture quality in this magazine were not great, but I think we get the general idea.   This  piece, 4 x 10 inches, has a crocheted body with a small cleanser can on the inside to hold the money.   Stuffing is added between the cannister and the inside of the pig to plump him up.   A fun piece to make, as well as hold your money, I'm sure.

Perhaps you'd like to give him a try ?   Just in case, the pattern is available for Free Download in my shop --- come on over.

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