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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afghan Patterns, Columbia Minerva 742

Columbia Minerva have graced us with at least 7 or 8 different afghan books over the years.   This one, simply called Afghans by Columbia Minerva, contains 17 patterns.    The majority of the patterns are crochet, although there are 4 that are knitted.    The book has not dating or copyright references, however, I place it (public domain) in the early 1960's based on picture styles (props) and use of color.   Any later and it would have copyright references, and any older, it would not be in all color pictures.    Plus, the ultimate reference - the $1.25 original purchase price.    Several of the patterns are heavy on the embroidery, placing them right into that Heirloom quality.  

I'm pleased to share the book with your.

Taking center stage on the front page is the Rose Afghan - a crocheted afghan measures 47 x 69, made up of a center and side panels with a marvelous rose motif embroidered.  I particularly like the sparse use of the lush tassels on this one.

Flower and Fruit Afghan is crocheted in blocks and then embroidery of applies, grapes, pear, cherry,  pansy and black-eyed susan's are added.

 Officially, this is the Feather and Fan Knitted Afghan.   It is one of the classics, measuring 45 x 67 inches when completed.

This tri-color design is a gentle Crocheted Ripple, measuring approx. 49 x 54 inches.

Four motifs made a block; 7 3/4 inch squares make up this 49 x 64 inch  Crocheted Patchwork Afghan. 

This is an ongoing delight.  The Rosebud Afghan features Cables and small embroidery rosebuds along with triple knot fringe.   I'm surprised they did not name it an heirloom.  

This easy-to-crochet piece - The Daisy Afghan, is made with 305 motif flowers and blocks and put
together a 44 x 60 inch piece.  

The Red and White Afghan, made up of 7 strips, ends with triple knot fringe and measures 46 x 68 inches

This piece, the Blue and White Afghan, has a strong cable in a two toned striped and a nice finishing touch of fringe at the end of each cable.  

The Two-Toned Afghan is put together with 5 1/4 inch blocks of complimentary colors.  It measures 46 x 68 inches. 

The Black Afghan with Rose Motif has that lacy and flowery feel.  When finished, it is 54 x 72 and bound to become a 'couch' favorite.

This piece, Leaf Pattern Afghan, is made up of three panels with a raised leaf pattern running through and tufts of fringe to finish it off.

A brightly colored, yet masculine, Garter Stitch Afghan.  Note the tassels are of varying colors. 

Here is yet another stripe.   This piece, The Knitted Stripped Afghan, has a subtle blending of 5 shades.  It is a large piece - measuring approx. 57 x 72 inches.

Made up of 4 1/2 inch flower (my interpretation) motifs, surrounded with a border, the Crochet Loop Stitch Afghan measures 50 x 67 inches.

And, last but not least, bold selections.  First, on the right, a Crocheted Striped Afghan,   And, on the left, a Knitted Plaid Afghan with triple knot fringe.

Whew !   Now, that is at lot of afghan choices; 17 in all.  I spent two days working through this book and found my favorites changed as I went along.  At first, I was stuck on the Blue and White for it's simple elegance, then the Knitted Plaid (after all, how could you not love plaid), but, in the end, it was the Daisy Afghan that attracted me most.   How about you?

I've listed these patterns separately in my shop, noted by the links under the pictures,  should you be interested.  There are, of course, dozens of other knitted and crocheted afghan in the shop as well.

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