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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Princess Doily Pattern Mail Order 1043

Here is a beauty.   Officially named 'Princess Doily', she is pattern number 1043.

Martha Madison Pattern 1043, Princess Doily Pattern
The description - Violets in bas-relief are the motifs found in the spiderweb border of this lovely doily in crochet.  And that, certainly simplifies all that is going on here.   

Although this has all the signs (oversized paper and inconsistent strike print) of the vintage mail order patterns, it is in a different format.  So, my guess is there is another mail order company out there that I've not learned about.  I did a few searches on Princess Doily, and found a variety of them ... just not this one.  Based on the paper and print, I'm dating it to the 1940s.   Also unique in the pattern is some of the language used.    My favorite example being equidistant.   As in the blocking directions ' equidistant  around, then shape the scallops between them.   Seriously, I had to jump over to a google search and look up the word (which means = at equal distances).   

So, I don't know where it came from (company wise), but I do know that it is lovely.    The oversized page was in quite poor shape, so I took a couple hours and transferred this to a bright clear digital PDF, which is in my shop, should you be interested.   There are, of course, dozens of other doilies there as well.  

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