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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mens Sweater Knitting Pattern, Vintage 1930s

Some patterns are special because they are ... well special.   Others become even 'more special' because of their story.   Like this pattern - No 5005.  It is a mail order pattern, but not the typical Design Mail Order pattern.    Check out this story line .... 1937 style ....

(Hope you can read it!)   This sure beats the old Anne Adams and Laura Brooks advertisements.   The pattern itself is quite a bit different as well.    It writes out the materials, scale and pattern stitch as typical, however, the actual pattern details (sleeve, body, neck), are charted out on graph paper.  For example, it shows a drawing with the sleeve on a graph with the pattern within it.  

Notice how short it is .... a mens crop sweater !

The pattern was quite fragile, so I carefully scanned it into a word document, formatted to a larger, easier to read style (not changing any of the words) and then transferred to PDF (including a copy of the advertisement) .   These old patterns deserve restoring.    I've listed this one in my shop should you like to copy of your own.

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