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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crochet Doll Dresses, Crinoline Sweetheart, No 65-D

In my collection of Doll Patterns is this Crochet pamphlet from Lily.   It is Lilly Doll Leaflet No 65-D to be exact.   It's a 4 page fold-cover leaflet and gives us two marvelous crochet dresses for the 7 1/2 inch doll ... a rather standard size for when this book was issued - 1951.   The leaflet contains just two patterns.

Crinoline Sweetheart 

Lily Leaflet 65-D, Crinoline Sweethearts
Strolling Down The Avenue
Both the twirly southern belle style dresses have matching hats and instructions to make fabric panties and slips.  Two perfect ensembles for the girly girl to dress her dolls.  

Although this is officially Lily Doll Leaflet No 65-D, I don't think that means that Lily graced us with 64 earlier Doll books.   Just that this is the 65th leaflet that Lily issued and just happened to be Doll patterns.   

These old patterns are timeless; little girls today will love them just as they did back in 1951.   The only challenge (beyond the crochet skills, of course) is finding the 7 1/2 inch doll.      I've scanned this to PDF format and listed it in my shop - Lily Doll Leaflet No 65-D.    

So, which is your favorite ?    Thanks for dropping by, 

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