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Friday, September 23, 2011

Crochet for Christmas, Star Book 94 by American Thread

This book, Star Christmas Book No 94, from American Thread doesn't contain that many patterns.   The ones it does have, however,  are fun an whimsical.     This book goes back to 1952.    The patterns are all crochet (just like the title suggests), and worked using crochet cotton.

Crochet for Christmas
Santa and small cornucopia ornaments to aide your holiday decorating.  
The front and back cover are the same 

Mr Snowman

and the Christmas Angel

Christmas Ornaments, 3 variety of Snowflakes, a Wreath, Bells, Santa and Lapel Pins.   Hang the Ornaments on your tree, use them as a brooch, adorn packages ... whatever you might desire.  

A festive Bun Warmer, a Glass Jacket and a fun Pot Holder / Hot Mat.

 Santa and Mary Christmas - Holiday Dolls
Both dolls are approx. 11 inches

And, last but not least, A Fairy Princess - Doll
Mary Christmas and Santa dolls are the only patterns that actually state the approximate size.  We can assume the rest are ... well ... small ornament sized.       Use these patterns to create some holiday memories; whether they be stitching, displaying or giving.   Oh, don't let me forget to add the playing part .... we all know even big girls play with the dolls!

I've not processed this book for the shop, but if there is something you 'must create', let me know and I'll pull it back out.   Or, an Ebay search may locate a copy. 

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