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Monday, August 22, 2011

Stoles Shrugs, Hairpin Lace, Crocheted, Knitted, Star Book 103

This is a great little pattern book.   It is the Star Stole Book, No 103, Vintage 1953.  And, just like the title implies, it contains patterns for Stoles and Shrugs using Hairpin Lace, Crochet and Knitting techniques.    I particularly like the art form used for the pictures in this book.    I've not seen the floating images of upper bodies only.    In some of the photos I found myself thinking .... turn around please .... let's see the front (or back).    I understand that the back shows better detail of the stitching, but it would be nice to see both.  (This does seem a consistent with knitting/crochet patterns .... front or back, seldom both).

This book was issued as a promotion for the Dawn Dacron and Nylon Brand Yarns / Threads.  It is doubtful you'll be able to find these brands, but American Thread will certainly have current substitutes available.

Star Stole Book No 103
Cotillion Semi-Circular Stole - is made up in rows of puff stitch, giving it that lacy look.  It's finished in long fingers of fringe. 

Riveria - 21 x 72 inches.   Made in rows of hairpin lace, this piece almost has a chenille look.
Illusion - 20 x 70 inches (without tassels).  The combination of crochet and hairpin lace give this stole a light and airy look. 

Fringed Lace Crochet Stoles Pattern
Opera - Measures 22 x 72 inches. Crocheted stole with a striped effect features rows of small petal motif and lacy mesh. 
Ballerina - Measures 22 x 70 inches without fringe.  - An easy design perfect for beginners.

Madison - Sized Small, Medium and Large. The shrug has a diamond all-over motif,
fold back cuffs and waist length. 
Classic - One Size.   Both Knit and Crochet are employed in the attractive loose-fitting design.

Marguerite - Made up of 272 flower motifs, each 1-1/2 inches to from an elegant piece that is 53 inches across the top of the triangle. 
Evensong - also 53 inches across long edge is nicely trimmed with fringe. 

Cheerleader - 15 x 57 inch stole has contrasting stripes at the ends and for a touch of something different - novelty trim in boy and girl shapes.   This pattern is available as a free download in the shop. 
Party Girl  Bolero- Sized small, medium and large for teen girls, this sweet bolero was taken up a notch with the round collar, fold back cuffs and contrast scallop edges all the way around. 

Elegance - 22 x 68 inches without fringe has rows of knitted lacy divided by scalloped rows. 

And, as usual, the back cover is the same as the front.     Overall, I like the patterns given here.   I also like that they included not just a bolero, but a couple patterns designed for teen girls.  If you are interested, these patterns are listed individually in my shop; just follow the links under the respective picture.   The Cheerleader Stole is available as a free download.

So, what do you think ... of the patterns, or the floating images?

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