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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flower Edgings American Thread Star Book 65

Having to display my complete ignorance on a subject is never one of my favorite things to do.   BUT, when it comes the to the contents of this wonderful book, that's just what I'm going to have to do.     This book, Flower Edgings,(also has insertions) is full of delightful and delicate edgings for handkerchiefs, tablecloths, lingerie and such.    My big question as I was looking through the book, was "is this tatting or crochet?" .. since I don't know how to do either one.    When in doubt about this type of thing, I typically goes to the supplies listing where it will say great things like 'Steele Crochet Hook Size J' or tatting shuttle.  This book says things like Needle 13.  So, I'm thinking Tatting. 

Since I know little of this work, I'm just going to show you the individual photos, versus commenting on them.   All of the patterns call for Tatting, Crochet or Mercerized Cottons.    

American Thread Company, Star Book 65

This public domain book was issued in 1949. 

 Periwinkle Edging No 6506
Arabis Edging No 6507
Primrose Edging No 6508

 Flower Girl Insertion No 6509

 Cosmos Edging and Insertion No 6510

 Azalea Edging No 6511
Clematis Edging No 6512

Wide Violet Edging No 6513

 Butterfly Insertion No 6514
 Star Flower Edging No 6515

Narrow Violet Edging No 6516

Phlox Edging No 6518

Irish Rose Edging No 6519

Canterbury Bell Edging No 6520

Glass Jacket No 6521

Whatever form this is, IT IS WONDERFUL.   I would love to learn how to do this. 

So, are the patterns from 1949 applicable for today?   What do you think?

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