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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elegant Edgings, Pattern Book 189, Coats Clarks

This pattern book, Coats and Clarks 189 is titled Elegant Edgings to Knit, Crochet and Tat.   And, it definitely contains alot of variety; 33 different patterns in all.   There's a few for crochet, a few for tatting and few for knitting.  There are some insertions and example patterns to add them to towels, bed linens, and all those pretties that we add edgings.

I'll come right out and admit, that other than loving these designs, I know nothing about creating them.   So, Mum's the Word, and I'm just showing you the pictures in the book, along with the technique.    Versus showing you how little I know by creating an entire dialog!

Elegant Edgings 
The front cover gives a preview of a number of the edgings included. 

Crocheted edgings


A-750 crochet; A751 Tatting

Crochet - Hairpin Lace

More Hairpin Lace

Tatted Edging

More Tatted Edging 

Crochet and Tatting

Knitted Edgings



Filet Crochet

The back cover gives us the final pattern, a knitted leaf runner.

I'll admit that I've never owned bed linens with edgings, but I image it would make one feel like a Queen!.    A couple of these would be great on clothing and I'd like to have bunches of the leaf edging on the back cover to use as part of holiday decorating ...

This book, vintage 1969, is NOT in the public domain and cannot be processed for the shop.   But, thought I'd share it with you anyway!

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