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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crochet Panda Bear, Free Panda

This Crochet Panda Bear gets an A+ for adorable.   

Free Crocheted Stuffed Bear Pattern
The pattern does not indicate his (or her) actual size, but I'm guessing somewhere between 8 and 12 inches.   If you make this one up, I'd appreciate your stopping back by and letting me know. 

Here you go .... 
Coats & Clarks Crochet Pattern B-907, Crochet Baby Panda

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  1. OMG!!! You are a LIFESAVER!!! I have been looking for this pattern for MONTHS!!!! My Grandma used to make this panda bear for all of us grandkids (then great-grandkids, and even and few great-greats)every year for our second christmas, those of us who recieved one have become known as members of the "panda-love" club. This "Club" started I think in 1967, or 1968, I'm not sure which. But when grandma passed in 2007, I inherited all of her knitting & crochet gear, along with all of her patterns. Imagine my wonder when I found this treasure of a tradition in her disoganized files!! Over the years she made so many she must have memorized the pattern and it had taken on a life of it's own, because the bears no longer resembled the picture what-so-ever!! LOL!!! But each of us cherished them, and we still do. I have only had the pleasure of making one, and was so looking forward to carrying on the tradition, but when we moved, we lost several boxes of our belongings, and I have never found that pattern. I was devastated!! I had no idea where the patter originated, but I did know it was from a magazine of some sort... I am internet stupid, and a friend suggested to search by images instead, and WHAM! there it was! You DO NOT KNOW HOW HAPPY YOU HAVE MADE ME!!! I will try to gather some photos for you of the "Panda Love" club, so you can see the variations of Inez Craker's creations over her 40 year panda crocheting career. Thank you again for making my day!!! Angelia (Craker) Worley

  2. I made this pattern in the girl scouts when I was 12, I will be 55 next month. My mother was cleaning out her basement today and brought it to me! It's in need of new stuffing so I started taking it apart and thought it would be so much easier to just remake it if only I had the pattern...I'm torn between restoring or making new, but at least I have a choice now-THANK_YOU

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Perhaps you can set aside a few minutes for yourself and create a panda friend or two.