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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glamour Accessories, Patterns Book 176, Spool Cotton Co

This book reads just like is was intended ... a 1940s glamor magazine.    Truly, this is like watching an old black and white movie; one is slightly holding their breath waiting for Elizabeth Taylor to step forward and absolutely take our breath away.   And, appropriately so ... this pattern book, issued by Cotton Spool Company back in 1942.     There's 14 pictures here, so grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you like to drink) and enjoy the photo journal.

Spool Cotton Book 176, Crochet Glamour Accessories Pattern
 Issued by Cotton Spool Company in 1942.   The front and back cover are the same and feature:
Portrait Ruffle (No 2591) - Collar and Cuffs.  This is a crochet pattern. 

This is the promo page on the inside cover.   I've included to share the rich language.

Crochet Calot and Clutch Bag Pattern
Top Form (No 2618) - An off the face calot hat to wear when you want to look your prettiest  With smart matching zip bag.  This is a crochet pattern.

Vintage Crochet Knit Blouse Patterns
(Top left) - Bright Outlook (No 1270) - Blouse is made of 2 pieces; each 18 x 23 inches, bound with ribbons.  Knit 
(Bottom right) - Color Combine (No 1269) - Black with color is up to tricks!  In a banded pullover, with multi-colors in a tunic.  Sized 12, 14, 16.   Crochet

Vintage Frilly Lace Crochet Pattern
Treasure Collar (No 2592) - Tie on this frilly crochet collar (made on a ribbon) to crisp up your favorite black or your new navy. 
Crocheted detachable sleeves pattern
Spirit Lifter (No 2601) - Lovely sleeves to give your dress a new lease on life.  Matching wimple.  This pattern set is crochet.  This pattern is offered as a free download. 

Vintage Mesh Bowed Turban Crochet Pattern

Mesh Magic (No 2609) - This beauty ties around your head.   Knit 

Flower Accessory Crochet Pattern
Call to Color (No 2616) - Flowers to adorn your hair and shoes.   This crochet pattern is available as a free download in the shop.

Vintage Crochet pattern, flower necklace
Priority on Prettiness (No 2598) - Delightful crochet flower necklace and earring set.    

Vintage Hat Pattern, Calot, Drawstring Bag
First Love (No 2612) - Calot Hat and Bag - Sweet young accessories!  A just-right accent.   This is a crochet pattern.

Large Crochet Collar Pattern

 Date Go'er (No 2590)  - Wear this collar for it's little-girl look.  Grand to change the neckline of last season' dress.   

Sweet Sue (No 2624) - Smart and a favorite, the demure mesh snood.  This is a crochet pattern.

(Top left) - Southland Mesh Scarf (No 2415) and Hat Brim (No 2619).  A shade hat for sun or summer.  These are both crochet patterns. 
(Bottom right) - Loopy Loveliness (No 2622) - A brilliant color pillbox that sports a loop-fringed halo.  This is a crochet pattern.

 I'm just going to come right out and say it .... I HAVE GOT TO LEARN TO CROCHET !    I just must have the Mesh Magic Hat piece and the Treasure Collar.   

Do you have a favorite?

I have reformatted these patterns to bright, clean PDF patterns which are available in my shop, should you be interested.    

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

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