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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doilies Pattern Book, Coats and Clarks Book 136

This crochet Pattern Book from Coats and Clark's has a great assortment of Doilies.  I was thinking earlier, as I was scanning this book, does anyone use Doilies anymore, when I realized they must .... there is such a huge vintage market for them.    And then, tonight, when out to dinner, a woman walked by who had a most marvelous crochet doiley work on the front of her dress .... stunning.    But, there I go again .... sidetracked.

There's a nice assortment here.  Some big, some small and a few quite tall ... the ruffles that is !

Here's photo-journal of Coats & Clarks Book 136, Vintage 1962.  

Doilies Crochet Pattern Book No 136 from Coats Clarks
The cover gives a a color look at two of the patterns.
Giant Sunflower - A388; the front cover beauty that measures 15.5" in diameter.
A389 - Summer Breeze:  Measures 13" in diameter, excluding the ruffle.  

A-390 Wildflowers:  This beauty is shown in color on the back cover.   Each motif measures
 2"; the mat is 10" x 12".  
This pattern is offered FREE in a separate blog post.   
Vintage Tatted Doily pattern in two colors thread
A-391 Peppermint Sticks:  Tatting Doily Measures 14" in diameter.   This is shown on
the back cover in color.   This is exceptionally lovely in its simplicity.

Vintage Fairy Dell Crochet Doily Pattern
A-392 Fairy Dell:  This beauty is 11.75" in diameter, excluding the ruffle.

A393 Deep Lagoon:  This piece measures 13.75" in diameter.   It's a wonder case of scallops -
 not too many; just right.

Fluted Fan Vintage Doily Crochet Pattern No A-394
A-394 Fluted Fan:  This centerpiece doily measures 20" in diameter.

Vintage Tatted Doily Pattern, Queen's Lace
A395 Queen's Lace:  Tatting; This doily is larger than the picture implies; measuring 14.5" in diameter.

Ruffled Crochet Doily Pattern, Spring Crocus
A-396 Spring Crocus:  Doily measures 15" in diameter, excluding ruffle. 

Vintage Crochet Doily Pattern, Forest Pool, Coats Clarks
A-397 Forest Pool:  This smaller beauty measures 10.5" from point to point in diameter.

Fluffy Ruffles Crochet Doily Pattern A399
A-399 Fluffy Ruffles:  A lot of WOW factor going on with this doily, measuring 13.5", excluding the ruffle.

And, of course, the back cover with three of the doilies in color. 

Somehow I managed to 'not' get one of the doilies scanned, A-398 Chrysanthemum; my apologies.    Not knowing how to crochet, and knowing little about doilies, other than the one I'm collecting for my mixed media work, I find myself wondering .... why are dimensions listed without the ruffle.   Seems if you have a certain space you are wanting to fill, you'd want to know the actual size of the ruffle as well!

Some lovely works here for those of you who love to create these lovely pieces.  I've listed most of the doilies individually in my shop, as identified by a link below the picture,  if you are interested in working a few of these beauties. 

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  1. Why can't I get the pattern for fluted fan to come up.,thought I saved it but can't find it

    1. Thanks for letting me know about a problem on this blog post. I had updated the links and not got them corrected on this post. Again, THANK YOU.