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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lily Crocheted Bedspreads, Book 8-B

True to the title, this pattern book is all bedspreads.   It is Lily Book 8-B; Crocheted Bedspreads.   The publication, as is typical with many of the vintage pattern books, has no indication as to release date.   I started the investigation and the first entry I found said 1915.  Well, I don't think so ... the color and paper quality alone would quickly rule that out.   So, I continued the hunt; the closest I got was Lily Book 7b, which was issued in 1937.  So, let's call this 1937 / 1938 time frame.   In this beauty are 10 patterns. 

Flower Star Block Motif Crocheted Bedspread Pattern is called Star and Wreath
No 809 Star and Wreath graces the front cover.  A floral delight with a star in the middle of each block.

Lily Mills No 800, Bedspread Crochet Pattern
No 800 Pattern Blocks and Bands is 78 x 104 inches.   Pretty pinwheel flowers, chevron bands, 
lush fringe; a lovely piece indeed. 

Crocheted Bedspread Pattern, Imperial Stripes
No 801 - Stripes Imperial Bedspread is 81 x 102 inches.  This motif comes off clean and simple; romantic in its appeal. 

Lily Mills Crochet Bedspread Pattern No 802, Tumbling Blocks
No 802 Tumbling Blocks is made of 16 x 20 inch blocks to form a spread 
that is 84 x 105 inches.  The design has a touch of 'fun' going on. 

Winding Path Crochet Bedspread Pattern
No 803 Winding Path or Bared Window, marvelous design right down to the fringed ends.   I don't know the history, but this design is know by two different name.  Such interesting staggered fringe. 

Triangle Bedspread Pattern No 804
No 804 Triangle Bedspread; three triangle motifs joined to form the 77 x 98 inch spread. 

Vintage Fans Motif Crocheted Bedspread Pattern
No 805 Fans Bedspread with delightful flower clusters is 81 x 102 inches. Victorian perhaps, but so interesting and dainty.

Tasseled Crochet Bedspread Pattern No 806 from Lily Mills
No 806 Spearhead is an interesting block motif at 86 x 106 inches - what an interesting mix of elements.

Block Filet Crocheted Bedspread Pattern No 807
No 807 Filet Medallion Bedspread.  Make to your desired size to add a touch of feminine to your bedroom.

Lily Mills Bedspread Pattern No 808
No 808 Flower Design Bedspread; perfect beginners project for your first bedspread that will give you pleasing satisfaction for years to come. 

And the back page gives us an advertisement for the threads called for in the spreads.  

Start to finish, the 10 selections here are excellent.   All intriguing and 'just have to take another look' designs.   Most of the patterns would easily be converted to tablecloths, runners and scarves.  One of the Wreath and Star Blocks, all alone, would be an attractive piece of framed wall art.    

Again .... lovely .... absolutely lovely. 
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