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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lily Doilies Patterns, Design Book 67

The year was 1952 when Lily Mills released their Design Book No 67.   It's not a large book, or leaflet; just 15 pages, and not really jam packed with patterns; just 8, but 8 quite nice patterns they are.   The official name is Lily Doilies.   And, as indicated, there are a couple doies, but there are far more place mats.  There are also a couple attractive filet crochet designs here, as you might expect with it being a 1950s issue.   Here, let me know you in this photo journal.

 Lily Doilies Design Book No 67
Vintage Doily Pattern from Lily Mills
Starting right off on the front page :
Forget Me Not Doily set includes a large mat, a bread and butter doily, as well as a glass mat.   Use them, or not, as a luncheon set. 

Vintage Zinnia Doily Pattern, Ruffled with Filet Crochet Base
Zinnia Centerpiece No 2 :  A combination of filet and regular crochet results in this lovely 
ruffled zinnia doily.

Vintage Crochet Hexagon Doily Pattern with Unusual Ruffled Border
Ruffled Hexagon Centerpiece No 3 - Small motifs create a large hexagon doily with a most
interesting ruffled edge.

Beautiful Rose Filet Crochet Doily Pattern
Rose Filet Centerpiece No. 4 :  Filet Crochet in a lovely rose motif can be 
created at 17, 19 or 20 inches. 

Linen Doily Pattern with Wide Filet Crochet Flower Design
Filet Centerpiece No 5 :  Floral filet crochet border surrounds a linen center to measure 
14-1/2 x 19-1/2 inches.  

Vintage Placemat Doily Pattern with lacy flowers
Evening Stars Place Mat No 6 is made up of 2-1/2 inch floral motifs to 
form a mat of 12 x 18 inches. 

Cherry Flower Placemat Pattern is Vintage 1940's
Cherry Roll and Garden Party Place Mats give two summery options for Summer display and use. 

Vintage Round Snail Design Placemat Pattern
And, on the back page is :
Buffet Set No 1 in Crocheted Cluny:   Make this round mat at either 16 or 18 inches, along with 
smaller pieces (size of your choice), to complete a set. 

So what do you think?    In particular, I think the Zinnia doily is spectacular and the Cherry Roll Place Mat would be so fun on a picnic.   And, that Hexagon doily has one of the most intriguing borders I've seen.   

These patterns are in my shop; just click the link below the pictures, should you be interested.   Either way, hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  

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