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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Petal Knit Cardigan Sweaters

Back in the late 1960s, Coats and Clark put out patterns for Petal Knit Cardigan Sweaters.

First, there was the Childs Petal Cardigan, put out in Book 158 (Jiffy Knit Patterns).    It's a delightful little pattern with the petal design across the yoke, elbow length sleeves and just the right amount of ribbing.  I'm sure it was knit by many a mother.

Vintage Childs Petal Cardigan Knitting Pattern

The popularity was well noted in that Coats and Clarks duplicated the pattern to a misses size and issued it in 1968 in their Book 185, Quick Fashions

Knitted Petal Cardigan Sweater Pattern, Vintage 1950s
I've seen some reference that they patterns may actually go back to 1952, however, I've not seen an actual picture that quite matches up.   

 If you happen to know anything more, I'd really appreciate learning more about the design. 

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Wreath Pin for Tatting

I was standing in Kohl's looking at purses about a week before Halloween and realized they were playing the old White Christmas Classic from Bing Crosby over the sound system.   I, literally called out - "You've got to be kidding; it's still October".   Two ladies near me exchanged looks, but Beau got the point and we left very quickly.  

But, it's now November and Thanksgiving is approaching.  There are Christmas commercials on TV and our subdivision is issuing the holiday decorating dictates.  Guess I'll just face the facts and get in the mood.

How about we start here with an ornament?

Here's a pretty little tatted ornament.   After tatting, it is further enhanced with little pearl beads nestled on a sequin and finished with a bow at the top.

You can wear it as a pin, or use another ribbon to string it and put it right on your Christmas Tree, hang around your review mirror, or .... whatever you might like.

I've listed this free Tatting Pattern over in my Craftsy shop if you'd like to download and give it a try !

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Introducing TodaysTreasure.Net

As some of you may know, I have been selling in my PDF Artfire Shop for the last couple years.   I have been happy at Artfire, however, it is not a very good fit for the PDF patterns in that they do not have PDF Functionality.   That means, when someone places an order for a PDF pattern, they must wait until I see the order and wait for me to send the pattern.   Now, frequently this happens quite quickly, BUT, sometimes I'm sleeping, or shopping and it takes awhile !!

I've talked with Artfire a couple times about  PDF functionality.   They have been, however, unable to commit.  This brought me to the conclusion that, in order to serve my customers better, I would have to move my shop.

So .... to make an even longer story short .... let me introduce ....

I've opened the store, but am working on my learning curve to get it up to par and get the products moved over from Artfire to  

I hope you'll visit me at both shops while I get all the details ironed out.  

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