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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yarn Craft Projects, American Thread, Star Pattern Book 162

This book contains a variety of patterns - some craft, some knitting and some crochet.   The one commonality - they all call for use of the Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn.   In other words, it was issued as promotion ... buy the yarn and make the pattern.     The book is undated, but I'd think it would be early 1960s ... based on the patterns themselves.

 The front cover gives a good preview of a number of the patterns (as does the back cover).  

French Poodle - This is a craft pattern where the poodles are built on a wire base.

Party Favors - Craft Project 

Braided Yarn Dolls are dressed in felt.  

Poodle Bottle Covers - one a knitted and one crocheted.

Braided Rug measures 25 x 37 inches

Yarn Baby Dolls dressed in fabric scraps

Woven Hot Plates, Mats

Bookshelf Toys are built on a wire form (diagrams included)

More Party Favors - Queen of Heart dolls and White Trees and Ducklings

Braided Placemats - One round and one slightly oblong; both with fringe.

And, as promised above, the back cover gives us a recap of a few of the patterns.  

After going through the book multiple times, my general reaction is usually silent surprise.   But, although I can't see anything here that I would make, there probably are some good options for craft projects for the younger set.   I would think that most of these (accept the knit / crochet poodles) could be competently completed by those in the grades 4 and up.    They might also make great projects for groups, or summer projects with your slightly older children.   After all, what child would not want to help put together the party favors for a family dinner.    

I've scanned this book to PDF format, should you be interested, and added the original back to my collection.   (Some day, I'm going to have them all !).  

Thanks for dropping by.  

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