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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Knitted Cable Leg Warmers, Free Pattern

Having been born to the "Big Calf' family, I've been blessed with what is classically termed 'Cankles'.    What this ultimately means is, I never wear anything that draws specific attention to that area between my knees and heels.    I've seen girls and women sporting leg warmers over their jeans or over tights and have been downright jealous.   They look marvelous (both the leg warmers and they legs they are adorning).      Oh well, perhaps they didn't inherit my sense of humor (which is almost a requirement for us 'Cankle' women).  

So, if you are one of those folks (or know one), that could use a great pair of leg warmers ... this is a really nice Cable Pattern for a vintage copy of The Workbasket. 

To print this pattern - click to enlarge and then copy/paste to word document of your choice. 

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  1. "cankles" ~ terrific new word immediately into the family lexicon! hilarious and true in my case! thanks for the vintage pattern.


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